A year ago I booked a lovely AirBnb for a planned trip to California. I flew all the way from Australia, only to be met by the kind homeowner who happened to be from my neck of the woods. We felt an instant kinship…like long lost sisters. While I was there she took a leap of faith and shared a story about a product she thought may help me and my family.  I was intrigued by what I was hearing, so I looked into it. She then shared an opportunity that was attached to the products with me, and I thought, “I’m not interested in skincare. I’m not interested in a business. My background is in marketing.”

…but then I tried them!  I was so impressed by the results I was seeing that I grew incredibly grateful for her sharing this gift with me…this stranger she’d just met.  I realized there was an even more incredible opportunity for me to create a residual income doing what she was doing working a “side gig” on a spare-time/part-time basis. I could see that this would easily fit into my life.

Because the company has established markets in 13 countries…one of them being Australia…it really is a global business and meshes well with my love for travel and meeting new people.  Upon my return home, I joined this home-based business venture. I then took a trip to Sidney to hear more about the science behind the patented products, since the scientists were in Australia to share that information with people like me.  While I was never in the market to start my own business, and especially not in skincare, I am so glad I was exposed to this industry, because I cannot be more grateful for the kind of time and financial freedom this platform has given me to lead a more fruitful life.

The business has staying power because the products are patented and cannot be duplicated. There is a simple system in place to help a home-based business owner create success, and there isn’t a person on the planet without skin that cannot use these products! I love the quality of the products, the culture of the company, and the people are just wonderful!

I made a commitment to run with this business. I got swept up in the momentum of this product, this business and the team of supportive, like-minded people. I don’t “sell”, but I do “share”. I fully believe that the right people will cross my path, so that I can share with them and do something FOR them…to help them.


Borneo Resort

I’ve already met many milestones, and I am now well on my way to earning an incentive trip to Borneo, which is on my bucket list! To know I am going to be rewarded with a trip I’ve dreamed of taking…to an all-expenses paid 5-star luxury resort…rather than having to budget the expense, all because I chose to take a chance on something different, (and by sharing and helping others find solutions to anti-aging from the inside-out using gentle, holistic, patented products with proprietary ingredients), is icing on the cake!

I’ve learned to stay open to people, to opportunities and to not judge WHAT I DON’T KNOW! This life is a journey, and I would have limited myself if I’d stayed in a fixed mindset of being “not interested.”  I might live Down Under, but I don’t live under a rock. Now, my eyes are open wide, and I feel more fulfilled simply because “I am interested” in all this business has to offer.


I AM More Than My Past Limited Thinking

Opportunities and blessings don’t always present themselves in predictable ways, but they surely present in ways that blow the lid off limitation and limited thinking! ~ K.V.