A few years ago I visited my Functional Medicine Doctor. Ever helpful at the front office was the receptionist who mentioned this fantastic product helping to smooth the skin on her arms and legs by minimizing the appearance of that cottage cheese look. I liked the way it sounded, so she put a bottle in my hand. Like a lot of busy parents, I put it in the bathroom cabinet and forgot about it.


Teen Consulting with Functional Med Doctor

I got a little tap on the shoulder a year later when my eldest daughter began to experience issues typical of a young teenager. There we were, back in the same FMD’s office for a routine check-up. Her Functional Medicine Doctor noticed she might be needing a preventative solution to help get rid of blemishes that were troubling her complexion. My daughter’s caring doctor didn’t want to see her confidence shaken, so she handed my sweet girl a bottle of serum.  Five days after she started using the night cream her face was markedly clearer and as soft as a peach! Not to be outdone, my youngest daughter begged to use the serum, too. I decided I would try a little to see if it would even my skin tone.  A week passed and,  knowing nothing of our beauty routines, my husband looked at me, studied the faces of our girls, and asked, “What’s going on? What have you all done differently?” I wasn’t sure what he meant, but then he said, “You look different…you look really healthy and more youthful!”



Helping Others Find Happiness

When I got home that night, I found the bottle of firming cream under the cabinet, that I was given the year before, and started using it…since it was made by the same company. Clearly, the serum was working, so I thought I might see results with the firming product, too. I was right…It also worked! When I shared my results with the FMD and my friend, they weren’t surprised. I had to know more, so we all sat down and they shared this awesome business opportunity with me. As a Licensed Dietician with a background in Integrative Functional Medicine, I could easily see this product adding to what I was already doing in my mission to help people battling the symptoms of inflammation in their bodies. I signed up!



We Rise By Lifting Others

Six weeks later, I flew to an event in San Jose, California. Scientists and doctors from Princeton University were sharing another wellness product in the line that targets brain health. That moment resonated with me to my core. That’s when I knew this was a God thing! I was being called to reach more people and be more effective in finding solutions to help my patients live a better life! My enthusiasm was palpable, and when I returned home I shared these incredible breakthroughs with my husband. Intrigued by what he was hearing, and the results he already saw in my skin and that of our girls, he started using the product. He also noticed an improvement in his skin with a softer texture and more even skin tone.  His reaction made me giggle, because I was like,”Duh! It really does what it claims to do.”


Light Bulb Moment

Having realized just how powerful it is to have a resource, in only one bottle…that actually works…my husband joined me the following month for a smaller, local event to hear more information.  I could see the wheels turning as he listened. Once we got home he retreated into his office and the spreadsheets came out. He is extremely analytical, so he made phone calls and grilled numerous people about the products…trying to find the holes. He couldn’t find one flaw in the system, so he, too, began sharing his experience and the product with people, and the rest is history!



Joyful Family

We have been so blessed by the results of the products, by the people we’ve met all over the world, and most of all the business opportunity, because it has allowed us to Dream Again! We Dream BIG! This company has given us a path to work together, increase our income, expand our network of friends, travel when we want, and help more people than I thought I could ever reach. It’s also been an educational experience for our daughters who now understand the importance of creating other streams of income to become truly self-sufficient and not depend on a job that takes all their power away from their dreams, but instead gives them more options. My husband and I are leaving our children a legacy of possibility and abundance where we are all able to develop as global citizens and feel the reward of helping others create success.

At the end of the day, it is well with my soul.    ~Laura