How my Home-Based Business GIVES me more choices and freedom!

Adventure calls to a lot of people…to probably most people. Sitting behind a desk, in a cubicle, in a room, behind a door, on a floor, in a building surrounded by walls just nags and begs one for a different view.

Recently, I was on a luxury vacation in a tropical paradise with the love of my life. It was an all-inclusive incentive trip the both of us earned after meeting our business goals.

The best part about this trip…other than the picturesque setting, the sun, the surf, the snorkeling, the cuisine, the massages, the fact that we didn’t pay for any of it…is that we had the freedom to extend our stay.

We woke up (on what was supposed to be) the last morning of the trip and decided we just weren’t ready to leave!

…And because we don’t have to run it by a boss or supervisor or HR department,

…And because our home-based business enables us to work from anywhere in the world,

…And because our business generates residual income and pays us even when we aren’t “working”

We have more choices! Choices like, a few more days or another week? Parasailing or fishing? Massage or manicure? Sleep in or greet the sunrise?

We answered the call of adventure with a resounding YES, WE CAN!

In reality, we do this everyday. We call the shots. We get to live an uncommon life, because we are willing to do what most people aren’t. Which really puzzles me, since our Home-Based Business in the network marketing industry is something anyone can do and get the same results we’ve gotten. It all comes down to being open-minded and following a simple system.

My wife and I both have degrees that earned us letters behind our names. We both went to college and earned our stripes in the corporate world. Once the network marketing industry was introduced to us, however, it was the ONLY option with solutions to truly live while also managing a career that made sense to us.

We were brought together by this industry. We met as colleagues in the industry and developed a deep respect and profound friendship…and then we fell in love.

In our former careers we worked from sun-up to dark-thirty. We went to work in the dark and got home in the dark. We didn’t see our families, we didn’t have time to invest in creative pursuits and hobbies, and forget about vacationing on a whim. We had the standard two weeks a year of vacation time built into our compensation packages, but that’s NOT NEARLY ENOUGH out of 52 weeks in the year!

We couldn’t BREATHE! There was no spontaneity. There was no down time. We both understood what it felt like to be on a hamster wheel. While we each had success in our respective careers, it came with the investment of long hours away from the things we loved and it resulted in stress.

We both knew there had to be a better way of living…not just existing.

Since ditching our roles in the corporate world, we’ve done more traveling while working and growing our incomes than I did in the first 35 years of my life. Our work life is woven into our days…designed to work with us instead of us working around it!

We both invested a lot of time and a lot of money in college to secure degrees that would earn lucrative positions in the corporate world. But the truth is, we’ve made more money in this industry…working within our own timeframes…than we ever could in Corporate America. We are paid in time freedom…able to do what we need to be fulfilled human beings, while also strengthening our financial picture AND HELPING OTHERS DO THE SAME!

This business, in and of itself, is an ADVENTURE!

If you are ready to say yes to more adventure in your life, you need look no further than this industry. This can be the first step in the direction of your dreams and the adventures awaiting you on the other side of saying YES to a home-based business in relationship marketing! ~ Ron