How a Single Mom Stays Home and Supports Family with a Home-Based Business!

Recently, I read an article about how families in one Connecticut community cope with the school day ending two hours before the workday. This problematic situation is felt across the country, however, and I’m here to tell you there is a solution that doesn’t require parents and caregivers to wait in pre-dawn hour lines…and in some cases camping out the night before like they’re waiting for prime concert tickets…to enroll their children in a before/after school childcare program.

The majority of working parents don’t have schedules that align with the hours their children are to be at school in the morning and picked up at the end of the day. As a single parent for 11 years, I understand this dilemma all too well. It’s the very thing that prompted me to pray for a solution.

Fortunately, I found one that enabled me to avoid having to budget for childcare and missing milestones with my child. It started with a side-gig, home-based business and flourished into my full-time life of time and financial freedom.

At first, I was looking into every possible option to earn an income on terms that would allow me to raise my child and manage my own time while earning an income. I started an apparel company and invested quite a bit in it just about the time the recession hit. I lost a bundle, but I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. Starting a business from scratch, and paying rent on a brick and mortar store is expensive and almost like having another newborn. No one tells you how hard you have to work or how time-consuming it is to maintain long enough to (hopefully) turn a profit, and it’s estimated that one can’t expect to make back the investment or see a financial payoff for five years. While I made it work for a few years, because of the timing and economic downturn, I never saw a profit.

Having my own business, however, put me out in the community and grew my circle of friends and network of contacts. It was during this time that I was introduced to the network marketing industry by a person I knew and respected. I was actually quite surprised to know that after pursuing a career in the medical field, she wound up in MLM. I had A LOT of questions for her and even more invalid, preconceived notions about what network marketing actually meant. Thankfully, she was all too eager to provide me with some clarity.

Once she shared the belief she had in the products, the compensation package…that came with monthly and annual bonuses, along with a car bonus…and the personal development and philosophy of the company, I could see the light, but I was still reluctant to step into the shoes of business owner again since it was so hard the first time I attempted to do so. That’s when she showed me the systems in place from building and monitoring my customer base, the ordering process, to built-in marketing campaigns, weekly trainings and corporate office staff support. Knowing that I was going into business for myself, but not by myself made this investment an easy choice, and I recouped the investment within 30-days.

It’s incredibly easy to work my business around my life as a single mother. I just weave it throughout my day…morning, noon or night. Opportunities present themselves, and I can share my passion with people. Social media has made it even easier for me to cast a wider net to help people while ensuring I don’t miss any of my daughter’s functions. I’m able to take her to school in the mornings and pick her up in the afternoons. I work from my phone while waiting in the car-rider line at school. I’ve also helped empower other parents and teachers looking to supplement their incomes, and a few associates from the business community have joined my organization or become customers.

Being willing to get past what I thought I knew and take a chance on this industry has put me on a path of never having to ask someone else permission to do the things I think every parent should be able to do…to be present all the time and not just during certain hours that don’t conflict with the clock of Corporate America.

As parents we have to filter a lot of information for ourselves and our children. Where once I might have shaken my head and immediately refused to get involved with anything new that I thought would impose on the time I don’t have, I’m now completely open and have more time to do the things that are important to me. This has made all the difference in how many more doors have opened for me once I got out of my own way and opened my mind!

Looking for something to help you be more present in your life and the lives of your family? Look no further. This business is a blessing! ~ Sloan