Are You Ready for the New Economy?

Look around and you cannot deny the swiftly changing landscape of our lives under the influence of technology. On the one hand, we have cell phones and iPads which have made much of our lives easier. On the other hand, there are drones delivering pizza, robot bartenders, and burger-flipping robots using thermal imaging to cook your food to perfection. While a lot of the technology we see is fun and exciting, there is a gravity to the combination of technology and automation already teetering the balance and impacting the job market, the retail space, and the way we do everything from consuming food to shopping for groceries and booking vacation spots. What price are we really paying for convenience? What does this mean for our job market?


Robots Replacing Workforce

Did you know, 38% of jobs in the U.S. are at high risk of being replaced by robots and artificial intelligence over the next 15 years. We are already seeing evidence of this in labor markets dominated by service jobs in key sectors like finance, transportation, manufacturing, education and food services. Economists from the U.S. and the U.K. have compared the differences in job loses to automation, having surmised the loss will be greatest in the U.S., and “The gap between rich and poor could get even wider.”


Finger on the Pulse, Working From Anywhere in the World

There is, however, another choice with unlimited potential, where you are your own boss, you can work from anywhere in the world in numerous countries with teams of people from those regions…and available to anyone. This industry is built on creating a strong network of people who are in business for themselves, but not by themselves…with systems, support and training provided, cash bonuses, incentive trips for luxury vacations, car bonuses and free products. It has no ceiling. It doesn’t require you to punch a time clock. It doesn’t chain you to a desk between “traditional business hours”. It doesn’t require you to rush through your morning, through traffic, through your life! What this industry does do is give you more choices in life and empower you to make as much money as you decide. It enables you to give as much, or as little, time and effort as you see fit.


Business Disruptors Broadening Horizons

The way people buy goods and services has changed dramatically, and the home based business industry is a “disruptor” in the marketplace and in the job market. Uber has put taxi cab companies out of business, Airbnb and VRBO impacts people using hotels or consulting a travel agent to book vacations, Netflix has cut into cable companies’ customer base and is putting movie theaters out of business, Amazon will deliver almost anything you can imagine right to your front door, without you stepping foot in a mall or retail store. There are even online resources to sell your house without the use of a realtor. This world is changing rapidly and ditching “the middle man”, and the definition of the middle man, changes at the speed of technological advances.


Your Home Based Business

How can you participate in the Gig Economy? Chances are someone you know is involved with a side-gig, a home-based business that produces residual income. It could be a product or a service they offer, because last year almost $200 Billion US moved through this industry. You alone decide what motivates you and what you want to pursue. And best of all, you decide what your time and your skills are worth. You aren’t trading your time for money in this scenario. In relationship marketing, or network marketing, you are the President and CEO.


Benefits of the Network Marketing Structure

In network marketing you cannot be replaced with a robot, but automation and drop-shipping has made it even easier to build a successful business around your life. Those wanting to look into network marketing or multi-level marketing may want to check out the top mlm companies to help them move forward with online success. Managing relationships with your customers has also come a long way in recent years. For example, if your business uses a Pipedrive CRM, you can now complete a pipedrive google contacts sync to store important customer data. The insights this information can offer are vital and help you strive towards offering a higher quality product or service. Above all, find a good mentor that can help you partner with the right network marketing company and you can begin to see the way you live, work and play in a whole new light.