Let’s get this out of the way really fast………..You Can Sell …..

…..even though you don’t need to in our business…….patience, I’ll explain in a bit.

When I share my business opportunity, I will frequently hear a common objection;

That is, I can’t sell.

That objection is just not real!

You can sell ………and you have been selling all of your life.

~You sold yourself in school when you traded your effort for a grade and a promotion.

~You sell movies, products, restaurant recommendations when you share something you like.

~You sold yourself when you applied to a college or university and were accepted, (bought) by the institution you applied to. (Some of us REEEEAAAALLLY sold ourselves in this one!)

~You sell yourself on a dating site with your well written profile describing what you enjoy and who you are. Or, you sold yourself to any date you made, or particulary when you got engaged for sure!

~You sold yourself when you submitted a resume to do a job for someone else.  What you were really doing here is pointing out how you were the best match for what they were looking for.

So when you consider going into your own distributorship business, commonly called “work from home business” and  joining a company and then representing their products or services you are simply agreeing to find people who are a match for these offerings and opportunities.

The difference is that your efforts now will reward you directly as you provide a much needed service of connecting what you have to offer to those who are looking for just that.  One of the best things about this model of business is you can decide your own hours and leverage your efforts by engaging others to do the same as you are — like real estate agents or insurance agents do — and you are compensated for that, too!

You see;

Sales is something you do for people not to them.

And we are not SELLING – our total sales presentation is “Try my product” and we allow the prospect to use the product for one time or several days — many will become your customer and refer others to you —which is a good thing. Some will like it so well they will want to work with you to make some extra money!

Here is the secret to a successful venture into your own bussiness — partner with an experienced person in the company you choose — a mentor.

A mentor can help you work throught the mindset shifts necessary to embrace this reality and create success too.

Check out our team of very experienced people! You will be glad you did!