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  • Competing Martial Artists

What Magical Element Does Martial Arts and Business Have in Common?

Classical Martial Arts attitude can help your business success In business, there is a common belief that some special shortcut to success exists. Many think “If I just knew what the secret insider angle was or had special information or...
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  • Parents Loving Children

Never In a Million Years!

Never in a million years….. would I have known when I started a home-based business that it would afford me a precious gift, but it did!   I was working long hours as a dental assistant, living paycheck to paycheck. I...
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BUT…I can’t sell! and I say YOU don’t need to

Let’s get this out of the way really fast………..You Can Sell ….. …..even though you don’t need to in our business…….patience, I’ll explain in a bit. When I share my business opportunity, I will frequently hear a common objection; That...
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MLM for the future Mom

Five years ago I found myself standing at a crossroad. Ever since I was little I have always dreamed of being a mom. As a matter of fact, I can even remember praying at just 10 years old that my...
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What if you said “YES”!

For many of us, no is an unconscious programmed response to life. Although we have an average of 60,000 plus thoughts a day most of these, up to 95% are repetitive according to a study done by the Cleveland Clinic....
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Real work-life balance is now possible

Some companies offer flexible schedules or the opportunity to work remotely, part or all of the time. While other companies are demanding more time and production from workers—who in a challenging job market feel stuck where they are. Either way,...
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The end of the two-week vacation

Don’t count the months until the next vacation your company grants you. Instead, travel as often as you like while you run a successful business that generates all the income you want. Make a list of the places you want...
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