Make The Jump

As we round out another year, you might be pondering the thought of quitting your job or embarking on a different chapter in your life. How do you do that, and walk away from a comfortable paycheck, without whittling your budget down to the bare minimum? Many financial planners recommend looking at your current income sources and other income opportunities that present themselves in an entrepreneurial capacity. That is precisely what I decided to do.

I planned to stop putting my nose to the proverbial grindstone in the corporate world by lining up guaranteed sources to cover my after-taxes cost of living…like Social Security payments, pensions, annuities, and other investment income like possessions that have monetary value…art, antiques and such. But I wasn’t yet eligible for Medicare.  I knew I would need more than a nest egg to cover the cost of healthcare. Those co-pays and deductibles, not to mention the cost of the insurance, can mean an added $900+ expense to any budget.


You ARE The Key

Fortunately, there is a business model that helped me offset those costs by earning a residual income. This opportunity allowed me to walk away from the stale job I found myself working for too many years. I had accepted the comfort of having that paycheck, but it never quite paid me enough to get back the time I lost with family, friends and pursuing the passions I only thought about, but never engaged in.

Having an income…in “retirement”…that compounds over time is a perfect solution to ending the salary slavery many endure in Corporate America. You’ll be making the leap to filling your days with whatever you want to do, and working your newfound home-based business into the lifestyle you’ve chosen, rather than a life that is chosen for you to try and chisel around that 9-to-5 box. Some good network marketing companies, like the one I’ve had so much success in, offer healthcare benefits. The tax deductions of owning a home-based business mean you are really stretching your retirement dollars!!!


Imagine the Possibilities

Can you imagine actually being present at your children’s or grandchildren’s sporting events and not just seeing them in photos or videos? Can you imagine taking a “working vacation”? Can you imagine “playing hooky” and going fishing, golfing, hunting, or window shopping and taking in a massage in the middle of the day…all while you are actually working? Can you imagine…while you are doing any number of these fun activities…simultaneously earning bonus trips, a car bonus that pays you $500 a month to drive a luxury vehicle and receive free products?!


Take Back Your Life

Well, I’m here to tell you that in this business model you can do all those things.  You aren’t forced to stay inside, tied to a desk or surrounded by people you got ‘stuck’ working with day-in and day-out.


Take A Leap of Faith

The answer to early retirement or retiring to a life of abundance, and walking away from an unsatisfying career or job, can be found in the relationship marketing business model. So if you are one of those folks reading these words and longing to take that leap, but not sure where or how to start, make sure you reach out for more information and Get Started Right! You could be determining your own worth and doing whatever YOU find worthwhile!  ~ Ruby