I’ve heard testimonials of entrepreneurial journeys from thousands of small business owners. Most of the time, the impetus for their leap into full-time entrepreneurship began with a side-gig or side-hustle. It started as a part-time/spare-time passion bringing in a little, extra money, but it eventually became their main source of income when the ideas and successes they were experiencing, outside the office, ruffled the feathers of management at their day job.

The moment these visionaries recognized their employers didn’t really care about their happiness, personal growth or dreams was the moment their side-hustle became their central focus, and they walked away from Corporate America.

Some might see this kind of decision as a risk to the balance of the security they’ve earned…a house, 401k, vehicles, and health insurance…,in short, their comfortable place. But every small-business owner I’ve spoken with has never regretted striking out on the journey, because they’ve gained the kind of freedom that a 9-to-5 just can’t compensate them for. These shot-callers are far happier and more successful – and, yes, more comfortable – for having made the jump!

People with a side-hustle are exactly that…hustling. They are go-getters, putting forth the extra effort to do the uncommon so they can live an uncommon life. Employers in the corporate world aren’t truly interested in the outside ideas of an individual unless those ideas benefit them and their bottom line. They have little regard for the grit and determination of a big dreamer willing to push past boundaries, and those limited thinkers are just fine with dictating a box for employees to stay in…painting a picture that the only real way to success and opportunity is that step-by-step, day-in-and-day-out, punched time-card, box/cubicle!

Too many people have bought into this lie…acquiescing to those systems…resulting in unrealized potential and unfulfilled dreams. I’m here right now to paint a different picture. It goes a little something like this (hit it):

The definition of a person who is always creating, growing, building on ideas and discovering new ways of doing and being is entrepreneurial.

An entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily own a big or small company; they live life in a constant state of entrepreneurship…a growth mindset. Entrepreneurs inspire and lift others. They work at a full-steam-ahead capacity – and if you’re lucky enough to be a member of their team – they’ll give you their full effort while keeping a little for themselves.

If you are a looking for an escape from the soul-crushing monotony of Corporate America, I urge you to seek out these paragons of ambition because they will help you realize your dreams!

…and if YOU – reading these words, – if you’re one of those warrior souls, refuse to be defined by the limited thinking of small minds. Refuse to contain your ideas and your ambition and your lust for life! Don’t allow a corporate existence to keep you from living. Don’t allow that system to pound the entrepreneurship out of you!!!

The year is still young. There is still time to be what you ought to have been. Don’t let anyone dictate the way it is or isn’t for you. You already know there is a more fulfilling way to live, and the options aren’t limited.

If you’re one of the people who no longer want to remain on idle in your own life, I urge you to reach out to the person sharing this with you…get in the groove and map a plan to hustle your dreams to fruition. ~ Sonja