In my early 30’s, a man who…would ultimately change the course of my life…approached me with a concept to make more money than I was currently making as a Doctor of Pharmacology.

He routinely reached out to me, every month, for seven years before gaining my undivided attention. I had what you might call, a young mans head problem.

See, this man was a public servant. Since his salary was a matter of public record…he only made $12,500 a year…I didn’t think he knew one iota about showing me how to make more money. I was, after all, making $50,000 a year, a lot more than he.

I thought it was laughable! “You’re making $12,500 a year, but you’re going to show me how to get rich?!…Riiiight, sure. Thanks, but no thanks!” (sarcasm)

Seven years passed, and my job as a Pharmacist had evolved. I’d been given a “promotion”…which I later found out wasn’t really a promotion, (I was just the only person who would take the job), primarily because it went like this:

  • My boss would call me at 6:00am every morning and tell me where he needed me to work, within a three hour radius, and I would drive to the location and work for 11 hours – every day – 7 days a week…weekends, too.

I worked this way for 18 months without a single day off! At the time, I had two, young children, and I only saw them when they were asleep.

During the commute I had a lot of time to think about how much time I was sacrificing and how much of my children’s lives were tied up in that sacrifice. Was the “promotion” worth missing the milestones?

I came to the conclusion that I wanted my time back. I wanted to spend time with my family. Even though I was making $200,000 a year (in 1980)…they even paid for my toothpaste because, like I said, I was the only idiot willing to do the job, and they wanted to keep me…I, finally, by that time, understood that going to work for someone else – day in and day out, week after week – was never going to make me truly wealthy.

I began to understand that you can be the highest paid person in the city, but trading time for dollars is never going to make a person as wealthy as they can possibly be. It can’t happen, based solely on one’s effort, without REAL RESIDUAL INCOME!

I knew I wanted to change my job…a change of profession. So, I knew I needed something that would pay me again and again and again…but only doing the work ONE TIME…like those in the insurance industry, long ago. They made a little money on each policy from many policies.

A long time ago, the insurance professionals recognized the value of residual and compounding income. Back in the 60’s and 70’s that industry was a cash cow! What are those folks doing today, you might ask? And the answer is, anything they want! Today’s insurance rep has to work a 1000 times harder to get a fraction of the results. But, there’s another industry so similar to that cash cow…with a simple system in place…and you don’t have to learn something complicated that requires a license and credentials.

As I began looking into all kinds of opportunities to create a compounding income something surprising happened.

One Sunday morning, I opened the local newspaper and there inside the front page was a HUGE headline and the face of the man who had been trying to recruit me for seven years. The same man I didn’t think could help me…a Pharm D…become wealthier!

The headline and article described the inspirational story of how this man made the biggest real estate purchase in the history of the town we lived in…this man who I’d been saying “No” to for seven years!!!

He’d bought a newly built mansion, up on the mountain, and then went next door and purchased a second mansion for his mother-in-law! He paid cash…million dollar transactions…for both!!!

Needless to say, I called him this time! I told him I needed to meet with him and understand exactly what it is he had in his hands!

We met. He shared his experience. I understood. And then I asked him three questions. These are the same three questions, over my years of experience in this industry, that the majority of people want to know the answers to:

  • “What do I have to do to get results, like you?”

He said, “It’s very simple. You take this tool and give it to two people a day. You have a goal to target four people, but share with, at least, two.”

Now, the tool we had was a cassette tape. There are probably a number of people reading this who don’t even know what a cassette tape looks like, but at the time it was cutting edge.

He said to me, “The reason you give them a cassette tape is because it will deliver the message 100% correctly 100% of the time, and YOU DON’T HAVE TO LEARN ANYTHING NEW.”

GREAT! I didn’t have the time to learn something new…most people don’t! BUT I COULD hand someone a tape…takes two seconds… – “Listen to this and tell me what you like best about what you hear.”…And I didn’t have to sit in a classroom or at my desk to learn how to do it.

  • “ How long do I have to do this before I see results?”

This is the great thing about this industry; ANY AMOUNT OF TIME will achieve success, BECAUSE of another great benefit of this business model, which is Compounding Effort! The effort put in, today, will compound – with Consistent-Persistent Activity. If you will continue the daily activity of whatever time you can carve out; two hours, five hours,…whatever you can manage without feeling overwhelmed…you WILL SEE RESULTS!

He asked me, “How much spare time do you have to do this?” And I flatly said, “I don’t have any. I work seven days a week, 11 hours a day…not including my commute!”

And the next thing he said to me is a Big Lesson…and I don’t care what profession you’re in…this is a Prime Factor in your life, and it APPLIES TO EVERYONE READING THIS REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT YOU PURSUE THE OPPORTUNITY:

“Do you watch television?”

BAM! He got me there, because I watched roughly five hours a week…especially college basketball!

He asked, “Does that five hours a week contribute to your business?”

I responded with a resounding, “No…you know I’m a Pharmacist!”

And he said, “No…THAT’S NOT YOUR BUSINESS! YOUR BUSINESS IS HOW WELL YOU’RE GOING TO LIVE WHEN YOU RETIRE! That’s EVERYONE’S BUSINESS – that’s the REAL, PRIME BUSINESS! And what YOU DO on this side of that retirement date will determine how well you live on the other side of it! So HOW YOU USE YOUR TIME IS REALLY IMPORTANT!”

“…So, Ron, How much time do you have to devote to your business?”

And I said, “I have five hours!!!” <BOOM> Just like that, I stopped watching TV. I’ve never regretted this choice. It was the stepping stone to me making my own dreams come true instead of watching someone else (through a screen) living theirs!)

Before I tell you the third question I asked him, I just want to interject; a large number of people have been approached by someone to join a company…where all you gotta do is work 10 hours a week for 6 months, and you’ll be making $10,000 a month, and drive a car instead of a luxury vehicle and live in a mansion instead of a tract home. All these people did is Challenge Every Belief System You Have About Earning An Income! I mean, it took me 6 years of college, (paying out to get a degree), then another year on the job, (to make that degree work for me), then five years to get that so-called “promotion”…and you’re going to tell me I can be making the same kind of money in six months? C’mon…that doesn’t compute!!!

BUT and this is a very, BIG but…

I asked him…

  • If I do this, Bill…If I hand out a minimum of two tools a day, and I contribute five hours a week to dong this, “Can I reasonably be expected to earn an extra $500 a month within five or six months?”

And he responded, “Absolutely. I can guarantee it! This is the only place I can guarantee it!”

“If you do it, the Two Wealth Principles; Leverage and Compounding with Residual Income KICK-IN, and you WILL BE MAKING $500 – $600 (minimum) a month!”

And ALMOST, (to the day), I had a check in my hand for $500! AND two of the men that I’d recruited had checks in their hands for $500!

So I’m telling you, I made THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION OF MY LIFE, right then – right at the moment I made that decision – and I can can point back to that decision and say that it set up the life that I live today! Because I looked at that check and I said, “This works, and I’m going to stick around and see how far I can run with this!”

Notice, I didn’t say I’ll see if I can make $1000 next month. I said, “I’ll stick around and do what I’ve been doing and see how far I can take it!”

At three years into my little, ol’ five-hour a week business, I’m 36 years old, and I’ve got 6000 hours going into it because of the Leveraging and Compounding of my time and other people’s time, (just like an insurance agent does with policies), and I’m making 3.5 times as much as I was making as a Pharmacist. So I retired at 36 years old!

Since then, since “retiring from pharmacy”, I’ve gotten an incredible hands-on education in the industry, and I’ve learned the Five Factors that make a successful relationship marketing company. I didn’t learn it all at once, but over the past 36 years of being mentored and becoming a mentor, I’ve amassed the information, gathered data, and I know the key components to look for.

And the company I’m now proudly involved with, living my wildest dreams…traveling to more than 68 countries, meeting and helping people of all ages from all walks of life, spending more time with my family, my children and grandchildren, affording luxury vacations WHENEVER I WANT – ON A WHIM -…is the best company I’ve ever been part of that has ALL FIVE FACTORS!

This is a win-win. It isn’t top down or trickle down or DOWN ANYTHING! It’s up…living bigger, better and more boldly and helping people UP! It’s the very definition of family, teamwork and community, because when one of us has success we all have success. It’s a beautiful, empowering system that will give you (your) life back and help you create the life of your dreams! It’s helped me make my dreams…and so many more people’s…come true.

This business is the medicine to heal and mend your life, your finances, your psyche and your need for connection to something more powerful with a purpose.

I don’t believe in coincidence. This has been a gift from The Divine…a sign 36 years ago…that has transformed not only my life, but my girls and my grand-babies, and friends and their friends. It’s a legacy I will leave behind that will continue to positively impact people long after I’m gone.

And YOU being here…reading about my life…what if this is YOUR SIGN?

If there is a lasting prescription I can write you, it’s this:

Stay Open! Leave limiting beliefs behind!

This is a cure for a boring, half-lived life!

Reach out and learn more.

Do it for your future self…before that future is already here.

Do it now, so you don’t squander anymore time. ~ Ron