Home-Based Business

The old home-based business model was built on making cold calls, inviting people to your home, or knocking on doors.

Today you can run a successful global business right from your home or anywhere else you happen to be.

The Internet lets you find customers anywhere in the world. It also lets people anywhere in the world search for the products they want. And when their desires intersect with your business, you have a customer.


Global Reaching Home-Based Business

Today’s global economy means people in newly expanding markets want the same consumer products as people in more established markets. It also means people in these newer economies have more disposable income. And, as this chart shows, everyone likes the convenience of finding the products they want through the Internet.

Country Percentage of consumers shopping
online at least once each month

U.S. 72%

India 78%

Germany 81%

Great Britain 81%

China 96%


Working Vacation

Online shopping is also mobile for both the customer and the business. People continue to shop as they travel, using their tablets or smart phone. As a business owner you are no longer tied to a place or limited to traveling during short vacation periods.


What A Home Based Business Looks Like While Traveling

Leisure travel and work happen at the same time. Just pack your laptop and keep your business growing as you hit the beach, golf course, ski slope, or visit cities and landmarks around the world. Think about all the incentives!


Benefits Of Owning A Home-Based Business