Product Overload


When someone I trust shares a product with me,…one that is working for them…,I’m more open to drawing from their experiences and giving it a shot. I spent years struggling to find solutions, so trusting the people I know sure beats flying blindly in a department store with my eyes-glazing over the dizzying array of colorful, creatively packaged products designed to appeal to a sense of femininity or masculinity.  Inundated with a steady stream of marketing ads lining the aisles, promising to deliver a game-changing experience, is captivating and – let’s face it – hopeful. There was a time when I would be completely overtaken by the dreamy images of the beauty department and convince myself that dropping a small fortune on the cremes would instantly result in a youthful, dewy reflection. I spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on the gamble, and no one offered me a money-back-guarantee, so I also had another problem with unused, ineffective jars of concoctions taking up space in my bathroom cabinet…basically making me a hoarder. There are tons of anti-aging, blemish fighting, preventative claims in the marketplace, but coming across one that actually worked was a life-liberating relief for me.



Hiding My Face with My Hair

As a youngster I struggled through puberty with very difficult, painful skin conditions. My mother and father were so concerned for my well-being that they spent any amount of money on systems of skincare, and when those failed to work we went to dermatologists and aestheticians. I took medications, I used prescription lotions, I steamed my face and back, I bathed with special soaps…I did it all and nothing worked. It wore on my psyche. It wore on my family financially. It wore on my parents because they couldn’t fix it…and as parents we want to have answers for our children and help them. It wore me out emotionally, and I gave up. I embraced the fact that I would walk through life with red, exacerbated bumps on my face and body.  I hid behind my hair and covered my face with heavy make-up, which only made it worse, and I told myself it was better than facing the world with such damaged skin. I loathed it, but what could I do?


Teenage Girl Covering Face With Hands

As I got older the redness and protruding, puss-filled bumps I suffered from as a teenager became crated pock-marks…a constant reminder of painful times. I’m not even going to get into the ridicule I suffered. I think it might be something like post-traumatic stress disorder, but I’m really just using that as an example of how bad it felt, since I wasn’t formally diagnosed with PTSD. Suffice it to say, I was terrified to go to school and face my classmates.





Happy Girls Are The Prettiest

Many years and therapy sessions later, my friend shared a product that was delivering on the promises it claimed. She said it was helping her teenage daughter who was enduring the same difficulties I once faced as a youngster. I knew her daughter and, naturally, I prayed she would find a solution and have an easier time than I’d experienced. It was SEEING her daughter that made me more full of hope than I can ever remember being at her age. I was stunned, and for the first time…maybe ever…I had real hope that I could see positive results, too. This one came with a money-back guarantee, so I had nothing to lose. I had to give it a try.


One of the most surprising things about the “system” was the fact that it was in one bottle. In the past, I had to use separate soaps, scrubs, toners and cremes every morning and every night. It was a 30 minute process each day. The thought that one bottle was going to help me seemed absurd. My friend took an uncomfortably close photo of my face without any make-up, and I proceeded to “sample” the product for 5 days. I had pretty low expectations, but at the end of the trial period I was HOOKED! I could not believe the incredible, softer texture of my skin…skin that hadn’t been that soft since I was a baby, I’m sure. After all the years of being let down, I’m the cynic who doesn’t allow myself to believe in miraculous claims, there I was a complete believer in the product.



Glow It On

I’m very happy to report that I’ve been using this serum for 5 years, and my skin has never looked or felt better. The marks left from blemishes have radically diminished, the redness that once plagued me is a thing of the past, and the smoothness I never thought my husband would feel when he kisses my cheek is now one of the little pleasures we both delight in.







Life with flaws is inevitable, but there is no reason in the world that one has to live in a state of misery because of skin blemishes. If you are someone who can relate to my story, or you know someone who can, I’m here to tell you it’s possible to put that kind of irritation to rest. 5 years ago my friend shared a product with me that changed my life! My skin is glowing. My outlook on life is glowing, and I want to share this glow with everyone who has ever walked in my shoes. “Glow On and Try It!”…you have nothing to lose but feeling lost! ~ Cate