Right now I’m beaming with gratitude for the journey my husband and I have been on for the past seven years of owning a home-based business. But seven years ago we were hanging by a very thin thread, and I was praying to the Divine for a safety net.

It was seven years ago that I awoke to a snowy, icy, Saturday morning and a 12 very frigid degrees. I definitely did not want to get out of my warm bed. I hadn’t slept well the night before, because I was worried sick about my husband’s company folding. I was working as a teacher making $25,000 a year. Peanuts. We had kids in college. What were we going to do??

Well, there was no reason to stop the good practice of saying our prayers before getting out of bed every morning…especially when we were worried about the future.

Later that night was the largest lottery drawing in history…a jackpot over $600 million was up for grabs. We don’t play the lottery, but that morning I did ask God in my prayer to let us win…and promptly laughed aloud.

I ALSO asked God to send me something I could do in life that was moral, ethical, and service-oriented. I prayed for something to allow my husband and I to earn enough money for a retirement free from fear and worry. After my heartfelt prayer, I said my “Amen”…

…and that’s exactly when the phone rang!

On the other end of the line was my husband’s friend…the guy who, just six days before had sent home a bottle of night cream for me to try. He asked me how I liked it, ( I loved it!), and then invited us to breakfast.

At the time, our finances were so tight that I covered the mouthpiece of the phone and excitedly told my husband, “We get to go out to eat!!!”

The both of us jumped out of our warm bed, got dressed and drove the 40 minutes down the mountain in Colorado, navigating some very, treacherous weather. 

When we got to the restaurant, there was only one guy there. I didn’t recognize him, but my husband walked over to his table and sat down. This guy looked YEARS younger than when I’d last seen him four months earlier…I assumed he’d had a face lift. 

When I told him how youthful he looked, he shared the fact that his results were from using the night cream I’d been sampling, (and LOVING).

What happened next was nothing short of miraculous, and to this day I still get an overwhelming sense of Divine Intervention when I recall the memory.

He took my hand and, WORD FOR WORD, repeated my prayer back to me! Verbatim.

There is no way he could have known how those words had just escaped my mouth, earlier that morning, with such hope and longing.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, and I burst into tears as he told me there was a business opportunity associated with this phenomenal product.

This girl, who NEVER wanted to be a part of direct marketing or selling anything ever, said YES to a future I could never have imagined. I physically and emotionally could NOT have said no…I had so much conviction, in that moment, unlike any other time in my life!

God answered my prayer, and answered it immediately that morning! There is zero doubt in my mind!

So here we are…seven years later, and I am so filled with gratitude to be partnered with an incredible organization full of like-minded people who understand the true value of doing something different and embarking on the journey of being in business for oneself with mentors and strong leadership.

My husband and I are better people, our kids have better parents, and I make better choices in every aspect of my life…from friends to the thoughts that cross my mind.

I salute the man who shared this lifestyle with us, and I tip my hat to the friends we’ve met along the way. I offer gratitude to the mentors who strengthen our business and help us continue to grow…not only our income, but ourselves.

This Happy Anniversary we are celebrating commemorates our financial freedom and the freedom that comes with a life that orbits the things and people we love and not some job where we experience being under-appreciated and overworked without an overarching purpose.

We are doing so much good in the world for other people like us, and I can hardly wait to celebrate the next seven years and the adventures that unfold as we positively impact the lives of those around us.

Something magical awaits you on the other side of uncertainty, and this might be exactly the answer you’ve been praying for. It’s not an accident that you’re reading this, so stop overthinking it and reach out for more information. ~ Lise