Most college students have a full class load. While they seem to get plenty of sleep and opportunities to bond over video games, during sporting events and at frat parties, the agonizing choice to sacrifice time in the name of the almighty dollar becomes a love-hate relationship. Finding the time to earn an income while balancing study time could be exhausting if you’re only looking at the common ways college students earn money. No one wants their source of income to get in the way of the investment of their education…or sometimes their social calendar.

Working a job that requires a lot of effort for little return is a wake-up call for anyone wanting to achieve the American Dream. Trading your time for dollars, one has to weigh if it’s worth it in the long-run. Since the majority of college students depend on their parents, and survive off the $300 – $1000 a month from Mom and Dad, the idea of making extra cash seems like as much of a requirement as maintaining a GPA that doesn’t land one in the hot water of academic probation.

This makes Network Marketing a perfect fit for young entrepreneurs with a go-getting mentality to earn far more in residual income…(income that continues to pay out even when you’re not working)…than they ever could waiting tables, stocking supermarket shelves, answering phones in an office or making sure kids don’t bonk their heads in bouncy houses.

The social aspect of Relationship Marketing solves the problem of a job that might otherwise get in the way of one attending mixers and student pep rallies. Relationship Marketing is engineered to work with your social schedule…where you happen to be in the moment. It’s the simple act of sharing your product in person, through social media, with your smartphone or tablet, whenever the opportunity presents itself…and it presents itself often. When you believe in the products, and consistently-persistently share it with others, it becomes less like a job and more like being of service, as well. It’s super simple and never gets in the way of date night, girl time or a pick-up game.


At its foundation, Relationship Marketing is a paid-internship! College students relish the thought of having experience to add to their resumes when they embark on securing a position in their chosen career. Even if one isn’t planning to be in marketing, the fact of the matter is we are always marketing ourselves. Virtually everyone is expected to do this in order to gain employment…you had to do it in order to get accepted into college!

Representing and promoting a brand is a fantastic way of simultaneously generating an income while strengthening the skills required to market a business, oneself, etc.

Considering the premise of the Network Marketing industry, a student stands to gain a tremendous amount of experience in how to evaluate and run a business, how to grow a business and help others grow their businesses. These are just a few key ways to show employers a skill-set many don’t see in entry level candidates. This gives the network marketing college student an advantage when the time comes to chat with upper management and human resources about the starting salary.

By the way, this dorm/home-based business has a great number of tax write-offs, so you are pocketing more of the money you earn!


Dorm rooms, shared housing, classes, sororities and fraternities, the student union and student-run on-campus organizations (to name a few) are environments of connection. Nowadays, that connection is even stronger through technology, but more on that in a bit.

This environment and Network Marketing are like peas and carrots…they are MFEO = made for each other!

One need only peek into the dorm suites of students to learn more about them. From their favorite colors to the hobbies that interest them, to music and products, just glancing around their room tells a story. This is a space of sharing, and this space is the ideal atmosphere in which to work and gather friends to do the same. What better way to have more fun living, playing, working…and going to school…than to lock arms with the people you spend time with to create some monetary magic for all?!


Depending on your personality, and the goals you have for yourself, you can land in a perfect environment for high achievement and like-minded individuals (on the same page with you) in your choice to Go Greek!

Partying, drinking and hazing can be replaced with more mindful and sincere pursuits like discussing higher aspirations, business strategies, achieving goals, and how to work within a simple system to reach financial independence. When you’re surrounded by people with vision, you can attain this well before graduation. Ambitious and focused students will gravitate towards each other and become beacons for those feeling aimless. This presents opportunities for you and them. Not just opportunities to make money and grow your business, but chances to be a servant leader. This looks fabulous on a resume!

While attending college is an honorable decision, it is one that requires dedication. If you find it a bit overwhelming, then network marketing could be the safety net you need if higher education doesn’t work out quite the way you intend. If this is the case, you have these well-planned organizations of other students that are probably more than willing to take their brotherly-sisterly duties to heart in supporting your “dorm-based business.” In fact, an entire organization could experience massive success when they join as a team and share that with other sororities/fraternities on campus.

This kind of mind-blowing potential has the power to set each person involved up to pay off their college debt decades sooner…in addition to the kind of nest egg it builds for traveling and/or retirement or (insert dream/goal/passion here).


Colleges have a revolving door of fresh prospects…they’re called Freshmen.

Each year a new class of students comes to campus eager to learn and listen and soak up the atmosphere. They are conquering the world and they are OPEN to possibilities!

A key part of being involved with network marketing is the openness of one who is willing to look at opportunities and share them, alike. That’s why a college campus of students striving for success is an ideal place to build a solid foundation for a business that can be generating an income for years and even after one has, perhaps, made a decision to seek a career move or go in a different direction.

The residual nature of a college campus equals stronger residual income.


Like the massive success that can be created by students on campus, the opportunity to grow your dorm-based business to a wherever-you-happen-to-be business presents itself during breaks and holidays. This really opens eyes to the unlimited potential this industry offers you to be a global entrepreneur. Network Marketing is designed to grow as you grow.

Students come from all over the country and around the world to attend college. Those same students travel back home, whether that is abroad or across the USA, to share news of their endeavors with family and friends.

Just as those supportive family members bought your chocolate, wrapping paper and cookies, they will likely do the same and become customers or business partners when you share the success you’re experiencing in the network marketing industry. To help the people you love achieve the same level of success, and watch that continue to grow in their own home-based businesses, is a fantastic way to give back all the love and encouragement that fueled your childhood.


College students have their village even when their village people attend different universities in completely different regions of the country. Likewise, sororities and fraternities have as many chapters as there are universities. This is simple math, and the simplicity of the right network marketing system adds dollar signs in front of those numbers.

It’s a no-brainer. You can build a dorm-based business from your campus with the strength in the numbers that span across other campuses.


Scores of college students are incredibly computer savvy and have phones all but surgically attached to their bodies. Photo sharing apps, blogging, social media platforms, webinars, emailing, texting and video conferencing are part of their normal routines. You could say those programs are programmed into their brains. For all the flack they catch for having their faces buried in their phones, a redeeming quality to using those devices to grow a business, that generates a healthy income, is pretty remarkable when compared to the 9-to-5 grind of older generations that didn’t have the option.

Opportunities to gather for training and game-planning, to strengthen ones organization, are presented during summers and breaks throughout the year. Team members and people interested in going into business with you are able to bridge the time between those breaks by hopping on a video conference app, like Zoom, to discuss tactics that are working and to share testimonials of the people they are helping…either through the business opportunity or the use of the patented, quality products.


For starters, a paycheck as big as you want…provided you are willing to put in the consistent-persistent effort of engaging in the activity…and a luxury car bonus are realistically achievable in this business model! Monthly, quarterly and annual bonuses and incentive trips to exotic resorts, along with incredible, patented, holistic-centered health and wellness products that will empower you and the people you love are all rolled up in this empowering industry. Those are just a few things.

YOUR WHY is the driving force, however, and that is what’s really in it for you! So what is your WHY?

Do you want to graduate without debt? Do you just want to earn extra pocket money? Do you want to have a generous down payment on a house upon graduation? Do you have a dream to help someone else? Would you like to sock away some money to take a year off to travel the world? This business is a perfect way to do that and more!

Whatever YOUR “Why”, this industry gives you the freedom to pursue your education while pursuing an income, as well as your passions. Because you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself, you have seasoned mentors and team members who have a vested interest in helping you achieve milestones.


With phenomenal, patented, third-party tested anti-aging (from the inside out) health and wellness products you can generate a healthy income by sharing it with those involved in the pursuit of sports on campus. These individuals tend to be as dedicated to a healthy diet and wellness regimen as they are to daily workouts and practice. They seek information on anything that will improve their overall health and performance. When you provide them with the tools to increase their potential, through diet and nutrition, they share that information with their teammates and coaching staff, because they already have that team-sharing mentality.

Athletes are natural-born leaders. They have drive and grit, which are the same qualities of successful business owners. Once you’ve helped one of them, you’ve opened the door to helping more and scoring BIG!

If you found the information herein to be helpful, I encourage you to reach out to the person who shared this article with you. This industry strikes a balance between living and working…putting you in a position to live life on your terms without the demanding limitations that Corporate America places on people who feel they have no other options to get ahead. With the right attitude, consistent activity and a willingness to be coachable, you can gain real perspective on what it’s like to pursue your passions instead of just securing a job upon graduation. And if you’re considering this option to keep afloat during college, then I applaud you for your insight and forward-thinking decision to gain valuable experience that will benefit you in your career after college. This option is a win-win! So, Carpe the damn Diem and the Network Marketing opportunity!
~ Sonja