It Took Losing Everything I’d Built to Find Something Better

I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone less convinced that relationship marketing is a worthwhile pursuit than I was just ten years ago.

…and this is my personal testimonial about how very WRONG I was to make that assumption.

It took losing everything I’d worked hard for…after graduating college and becoming a contributing member of society by joining the workforce…to twist my arm and get involved. And I do mean twist, because I came into this industry kicking and screaming, because I had an extremely outdated, negative view of network marketing.

That’s when I realized I’d been GIFTED those losses to arrive at this destination.

I don’t know how you feel, but I find one of the most aggravating things in life to be encountering a person who just knows e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g about everything. In the past, I was challenged by accepting the kind of person who doesn’t think they can learn from others because they believe themselves to be experts. They have college educations, letters behind their names, or they come from money, or they’ve done things as their mothers and fathers did and as their grandparents did…they have tunnel vision, an old map they’re following that doesn’t deviate from that of their family members, or they’re all of the above.


You couldn’t tell me network marketing was a viable way to make enough money to live the kind of lifestyle I envisioned and be truly happy. I could see social media posts of friends who’d decided to get involved in this or that networking company and I was the one rolling my eyes…constantly doubting the validity of what they said. Reasoning that if it sounded too good to be true then it must be. I found ways to pick it all apart without knowing a damn thing about the industry.

I was the WORST KIND OF CRITIC. The one who has absolutely NO IDEA WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT! I had no experience to draw from. I was nothing but a critical outsider looking in and seeing all the success, but secretly believing it to be lies because I bought into the notion that life is hard and there is no way network marketing makes it easier. With the negativity that I’d grown up hearing from my family members…who hadn’t been involved in it, either…I wasn’t just closed off from the opportunity, I was vehemently against it.

I was the IDIOT who thought it was a pyramid scheme, (and now I roll my eyes at myself for that lapse in judgment).

In retrospect, I didn’t even know WHAT I was so against! I had NO CLUE. I was regurgitating the beliefs of people who were related to me by blood, but beyond that we didn’t have much in common. I still give my hand a little forehead when I think on it, to this day. Why would I accept their opinion as fact?

All my assumptions were put to the test, however, the day that I lost my job.

I was up to my eyeballs in debt…facing bankruptcy. Losing my source of income made me address the fact that I was living way beyond my means. I could no longer point a doubting finger of judgement toward others and deny my own shortcomings.

Everything was coming to a head. After all the time I spent criticizing an entire industry filled with people who were prospering and happy, I never once faced the truth about how much of a financial hole I had been digging for myself while being employed in Corporate America. I’m not talking about the kind of hole that has buried treasure, but one that was putting me in an early grave.

All the stress around keeping up the lie was just one of the reasons I was losing, but when it all came to light and everyone knew…my home was foreclosed on, my car was repossessed, and I lost it all…I had nowhere to hide. It was a NIGHTMARE of my own creation and it was ALL out in the open.

While my family shared in my grief, they could do nothing more than pray for me to recover from all the setbacks.

Fortunately, however, a few friends with home-based businesses in the network marketing industry reached out to me. I will admit, at first I was insulted and not open to seeing it from their perspective. I thought it was beneath me. Of course, they had no idea I’d bought into the bullshit so many people…who are completely misinformed…believe about network marketing. This long-held opinion…THAT WASN’T EVEN REALLY MINE…nearly kept me from bouncing back from a dark place.

My pride was nauseating! Who did I think I was fooling? I had just lost everything and these business owners were happy and experiencing success…and they still had their homes! I was looking into the abyss with an arrogant attitude clutching onto that critical viewpoint of networking as if I had a choice!

Looking back on those first days of hopelessness, I cringe at my haughty behavior. I also think back on those moments with gratitude since the friends who took the time to share something new with me weren’t pushy. They weren’t preying on me. They weren’t feeling sorry for me. They were genuinely THROWING ME A LIFELINE!!!

Once I shed the condemning opinions I had and allowed myself to open up to being part of the experiences my friends were actually living…the real, evidenced, living-breathing examples of how Network Marketing DOES WORK…a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. Without sounding melodramatic, I came out of the dark and into the light.

This industry afforded me to comfortably pull myself out of debt and away from the edge of an emotional cliff. I plugged into a system I can easily help others access and duplicate with a website, marketing tools, scientific data, patented products – that are of the highest quality in the world – and personal development tools that encourage me on my journey as an entrepreneur.

In the business world it is common to see and hear about the successful habits of some of the wealthiest people and how they’ve amassed their fortunes, how they begin their day, what they do in a day, the differences in their routines that put them at the top of their game…THAT’S WHAT I AM EXPERIENCING IN THIS INDUSTRY!

The philosophy of my organization runs parallel with the values of millionaires. At the time I was focused on cleaning up the financial mess I’d made, but I gained more with an education in business that my college experience simply didn’t cover. I also added healthy coping skills to deal with adversity and add balance to my financial picture.

The MAGIC words: RESIDUAL INCOME translates into FREEDOM! Financial freedom, time freedom, and freedom from limitations. It translates into a purposeful life!

If you don’t understand network marketing or the nature of residual income, or if you are experiencing personal challenges…blocks in your mindset that leave you feeling stuck in your career or your finances stifled…you need (and I mean NEED) to look into how network marketing can be the key to opening doors you never dreamed you could! ~Ava