It’s Not About What You Are Retiring From – “What Are You Retiring To?”


Back in the early 80’s I was living on the West Coast of the US and working for the Federal Government. I had a comfortable life with great benefits, but I was always looking for ways to connect with people since my job wasn’t exactly the place to be a social butterfly.  That’s when I was introduced to an opportunity that opened doors for me and became a passion I’ve carried with me into “retirement.”




People Having Fun

From the moment I stepped into the room, with all the exciting energy and people, I felt at home. I was so passionate about having my home-based business…not only for the tax write-offs…that I continued to meet goal after goal to become a leader in the organization, and I did it all in my spare time.  The founders of the company took notice and moved me to Texas to work as a trainer for other people breaking into the industry. Things were good for a period of time, but the leadership of the company was very green and they didn’t have a clear vision or the experience to branch out and bring the company to the mainstream, so it fizzled out. While this was disappointing, it would later serve me in ways I am still enjoying to this day.


Earning Passive Income

I chose to remain in Texas and resumed working for a branch of the Federal Government. I maintained the relationships I built in network marketing, and I continued to be involved in the industry with different organizations…because I really liked having that compounding, passive  income on the side. This gave me an education into what makes a good network marketing company, as well.


After 17 years I made the decision to “retire” from the Federal Government. Not long after, with all that time on my hands, I realized I was stagnating. That was one of my biggest fears…to grow old and feel useless. I was questioning, “What am I doing with my life?” At the same time, someone I’d met long ago in the industry reached out to me with another opportunity, so I checked it out.



Live Your Life and Forget Your Age

Suddenly I was feeling youthful again and very excited to finally feel like I was at home! This company has seasoned leadership. Having worked in all facets of the industry, the founders and executives know what it is like to be in my shoes, the system can be easily duplicated, the products are patented and unique to the marketplace, the formulas cannot be copied, and the growth potential is in an area of the market that everyone needs. This was my light bulb moment to come out of the retirement rut and spread my social butterfly wings, again.






Life was meant for good friends & great adventures


I am having a blast in my non-retirement retirement. I’m traveling the world with my friends, bringing phenomenal resources for health and wellness to people looking for solutions, I’m giving back to my community, spreading happiness and bringing hope to people who are open-minded enough to do what I do and embark on an uncommon journey in life







Happy Seniors Walking The Beach

Though I am well past the age of retirement, my decision isn’t based on age or what I am retiring from. My decision is based on what I’m retiring to! I am just as active now I was in my 40’s, and because I have access to these amazing, patented products no one is ever able to guess my age!

~ Elsie