Educated Queen

Throughout my childhood I always remembered my mother saying, “I want you to be better than me!” I was raised in a single parent home; my mother could not afford to give me the best things, but I had an exponential amount of unconditional love. She instilled in me the importance of loving myself and God. my mother placed a burning desire in my heart to be and have more in life.  I am proud to say that I am the first woman in my family to graduate high school without being pregnant. I am also the first woman to graduate from a four year college. I am an empowered African American woman that has created a new pace of excellence for the next generation of women.

I am an ambitious lover of luxury fashion. I’ve known since I was a little girl that I would pursue a career in the fashion industry. Upon graduation from college, I moved from Ohio to Las Vegas to manage a luxury retail store for one of my favorite high end fashion designers!

Las Vegas is very different from the small town I grew up in, with it’s diversity, big, bright lights and bold performers, the lavishness and energy is full throttle 24/7…it literally never stops. A year and a half into my career, I realized I would not be able to maintain the pace to have a retail career for the next 40 years. My position requires me to be on my feet constantly, and to complete 60 hour work weeks, as well as work every holiday.


Make a Life, Not Just a Living

I received a confirmed realization of this when my boyfriend traveled back to his home country of Poland for the holidays in 2014. Because this was a peak time in my career I was unable to join him. At that point I began questioning my career choices.. After all, I am a young woman in the prime of my life with no children, and money isn’t an issue; but my career was getting in the way of me being able to travel and have fun. This was my “Day of Disgust!” It was then that I began to open up to other ways of earning an income.  My career had afforded me the luxury of lining my shoe closet with some of the best fashion designers on the planet, yet It only brought me momentary happiness. I wanted to live out my dreams and travel the world.  I no longer wanted to trade my time, life, and opportunities to make memories with my loved ones, for 60 hour work weeks.



Build Life Around What’s Important

Shortly after these revelations, my grandfather introduced me to a lovely lady who shared a product with me that I would grow to love. We met for coffee, and I was immediately impressed. She was punctual, impeccably dressed, professional, polished and drove a Lexus.   She was retired from a long career with the federal government, so I was taken aback by her youthfulness and vibrant energy. I enjoyed our chat and walked away with a bottle of product to sample.  Several days later, she reached out to me again for another coffee date and to hear my feedback on the product. What she didn’t know at the time, was how I had already shared this product with my mother and boyfriend because I was amazed by how it made my skin feel! My mother and I decided to leave the product at home and hit the ATM machine on our way to meet with her…there was no way she was getting those bottles back!



Born To Do More

Once we met, and she realized just how blown away I was by my experience; she took the liberty of putting me on the phone with another woman having massive success in the industry. This opportunity was new to me, but it checked all the boxes… .there was a product I passionately believed in, a system in place to help me learn and grow, the time freedom to travel, and a team of people willing to help me have success from day one…and that was when my new career opportunity was born!

At the end of 2018 my boyfriend and I will have paid off our mortgage, and my new Lexus, (early). I have been able to create leverage in my life by having a side gig and working it in the cracks of my day; mostly on my 30 minute lunch breaks. I have been blessed to create a residual stream of income that will allow me to be part-time in my fashion career by year 2020.


This network marketing industry has shown me how to truly build my dreams. At 28 years old, I am accomplishing what many don’t until they are nearing or into retirement. I am traveling the world and building my business with my friends and family.  I am part of a culture of like-minded individuals who put an emphasis on the importance of personal development, and are trailblazers at the forefront of the Live Happy movement.  I am helping other people achieve their dreams and looking forward to more financial and time freedom. Now, more than ever, I truly understand that it is not all about the shoes…it’s about what you can do in those shoes to create the life of your dreams!
~ Telancia