I can’t think of a more apropos time than the eve of the United States of America’s anniversary of the Declaration of Independence…otherwise known as The Fourth of July…to talk about Freedom.

I’m specifically addressing “the pursuit of Happiness” and the ways in which many people have successfully established empowered home-based businesses in the “freedom industry” and how those individuals are creating lives rooted in the principles of Liberty and Happiness.

Liberty, a noun…a real, living thing…is defined as: the quality or state of being free:. the power to do as one pleases. freedom from physical restraint. freedom from arbitrary or despotic control. the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges. the power of choice.

As Patrick Henry so fervently put it “Give me liberty or give me death!” He made this impassioned statement a little more than a year before the Declaration of Independence was signed, and it was the basic principle of everything that followed so we (the people) can enjoy freedom in countless forms.

Somewhere along the way, however, it seems a lot of people have either taken this freedom for granted or they don’t realize they have more choices. So many people have bought into a system that enslaves one into believing you have to work the 9-to-5 grind in order to make enough money to pay bills, and that this is all you’ll amount to, and that it’s admirable at its core to sacrifice yourself, your time, your desires and those of your loved ones to push the wheel of someone else’s progress.

This idea leaves little time to pursue happiness…like chasing a dream, spending more time on a beloved hobby, enjoying more time with family and taking vacations without having to get the thumbs up from the HR department or a boss.

If you can just get outside what you think you know or what you’ve always done, and into the space of dreaming BIG, you can achieve the kind of REAL time freedom and REAL financial freedom that liberates you from Corporate America. Our forefathers had the wherewithal to envision this concept for future generations. The kind of vision you, yourself, can create to leave a powerful legacy for your children and their children.

Take the story of Cathy, for instance. After suffering the loss of her husband to a disease that sucked his life from the world…and nearly sucked the life from hers, too…to the draining of their finances and the loss of one source of income, to the financial costs of hospitalization and the time-sucking cost of becoming his caregiver when she wasn’t slaving for a paycheck just to stay afloat, Cathy could have easily drifted into despair, depression and poverty, or worse…hopelessness.

Fortunately for her son, Cathy sat down and wrote a mission statement to be courageous…”to come out of the trials and tribulations of losing my husband while remaining a steadfast provider and parent.” She vowed that, “…our lives will change with his absence, but I will not lose the life we are accustomed to living.” Even when she wrote these words, she wasn’t sure how she would make it manifest, but she was open. She was wide open to the opportunities that would help bring her words to fruition.

And just like that (snaps fingers) a door opened. She describes the series of events, leading up to her moment of liberation, in this way:

“I was rushing into the hair salon to make an appointment for the following month, because I had been in the thick of the grieving process and hadn’t gone to have my hair done for a very, long time. I thought it was a frivolous expense that I didn’t necessarily need and had put it off thinking I should be using those funds for something more worthwhile. My husband, however, penned a letter before his passing, and in it he reminded me to take care of myself. I guess I went, in part, to honor his message to me. I had no idea that my “angel” had even bigger plans in store for me to take care of myself.

When I arrived there was (miraculously) an opening with my stylist. This was a once-in-a-blue-moon kinda thing, because she was typically booked for months, in advance.

While she washed and massaged my hair, I found myself crying. No one had touched me in a caring way for what seemed like an eternity. And as vain as it sounds, I fretted over my mascara running down my contorted face and the puffy bags under my eyes…which seemed to be cemented into place after my husbands grim diagnosis. I looked as awful as I felt.

But my other angel…my stylist…handed me a bottle of serum and told me to try it. She said it would give me a new perspective and be the answer I needed to feel good about myself when I looked in the mirror.

I thanked her, but inside I was fuming because there was just no way a bottle of face cream was going to solve my problems. For her to imply it was that simple infuriated me.

But then a little voice of hope said, “She’s trying to help, and it can’t hurt. This is a way to take care of yourself!” The voice sounded like my husband or maybe I just heard him in all my “gut checks.”

I found my composure and gladly took the bottle to try for a week.

Within days I was AMAZED! It was like someone took the months of grief-wrinkles and wiped them from my face. Where once my skin had dulled it was now glowing!

I contacted my stylist to tell her how much I loved the product. She asked if I’d like to meet her for lunch, and we met the following day.

That’s when the miracle bottle of serum became my miracle business! Once she described the minimal investment, how quickly she recouped her investment, the compensation plan, the CAR BONUS, the incentive trips, the monthly and annual bonuses…not to mention getting the products for free…I saw nothing but open door after open door.

A life-saving philosophy of the business is grounded in personal development. I was so broken that the tools this company laid out for me to become the best, happiest version of myself couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. My whole self sighed with relief!

My mission statement changed a year after I made the leap to start my own home-based business. I was no longer seeing the world through the lens of lack, but experiencing abundance in every area of my life!!! This business expanded my way of thinking and living, and I’m able to work from wherever I happen to be in the world…which I’m seeing more of since ditching my job in Corporate America.

I thought a part of me would feel limited and imprisoned forever after my husband died. As much as I miss him, I know his absence is what created a way for me to view the world differently. I would never have entertained the idea of owning a business, being in relationship marketing or sharing products with people when he was alive and we just existed on auto-pilot…our lives revolving around both our jobs in Corporate America.

My husband and I reminisced about happier times in his last days. We also shared many regrets. We regretted that we took for granted the time and the freedom we could have shared doing more of the things we love. I look back on those conversations beside his hospital bed and wish I could turn back the hands of time, so we could be sharing in this inspirational journey, together.

They say something good always comes from the experience of something bad. As difficult as it was to say aloud, my husband’s death…while tragic and painful…was a gift.

…In his death, I was liberated from the belief that my life could only “work” one way and that it must revolve around a 9-to-5 job, (which is the biggest lie I bought into for more than half my life). If my son and I hadn’t experienced this loss, our eyes wouldn’t have been opened to a more hopeful, more fulfilling and happier way of living…the way I know, in my heart, my angels intended for us, all along.”

Testimonials like Cathy’s are common in this “freedom industry.” So if you are one of those individuals peeling back the layers of what true freedom is, and if you are looking to expand your horizons and become liberated from the limitations thrust upon you in the Corporate America system of working and paying bills, I urge you to exercise your unalienable rights to pursue the American Dream by starting your own home-based business. Engage in a system that is designed to help you achieve success in all areas of your life…in a global business…from sea to shining sea!

Reach out to the forward-thinker who shared this article with you and get ready to celebrate freedom like you’ve never known!

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