Relationship Marketing
Facts and Myths

Network/Relationship Marketing could be the single most misunderstood industry. Often viewed as a business stay-at-home-moms dabble in or something your weird uncle does to get rich quick, it has been mislabeled and taken the abusive wrath of people who just don’t understand the concept. This has been going on for years. Outdated attitudes and misconceptions are more recently being challenged, however, as younger generations embark on careers in this industry and see it as a way to live life on their terms. From seasoned professionals to young entrepreneurs, more people recognize the viability of owning a part-time/spare-time home-based business in the networking industry.

Recognizing the facts and eliminating the myths is the first step toward understanding this empowering way to do business and live life.

Is it an Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

First of all, let’s get this geometry thing out of the way. An organization’s legality is NOT determined by its shape. (insert crossed eyes).

The United States Government…and virtually all businesses and organizations…would be illegal if having a pyramid structure were the determining factor of legality. An illegal pyramid scheme doesn’t provide or sell any products or services and pays according to the number of recruits. It is not sustainable and it is, obviously, illegal.

Network/Relationship Marketing organizations, on the other hand, offer quality products or services that interested consumers need/want. When someone involved in network marketing signs a new member into their business they increase their income by helping that person have success. In doing so, a team sales volume is created. Each team member is sharing products, generating their own customer-base and, in some cases, sharing the opportunity with people they actually want to partner with to join their team and build their business. This industry is rooted in teamwork and fostering the success of others…and, in some cases, surpassing the success rate of the person who initially got them involved.

Publishing average income statistics, refund options and having zero inventory requirements are just a few laws network marketing companies are required to adhere to in order to be considered legitimate organizations, and those that follow these protocols (and more) are NOT pyramid schemes!

With all due respect, the person (ignorantly) telling you that relationship marketing is a pyramid scheme simply doesn’t know what the (bleep) they are talking about, and you should consult with someone who actually does know the difference!

Relationship Marketing “Uses” People

Make no mistake. Network Marketing is a tool for PEOPLE TO USE that will help empower themselves and others in achieving a work-life balance. The reward is in helping people create success and meet or exceed goals by sharing products that one needs/wants to make life easier and more enjoyable. In network marketing, individuals earn an income by helping other people duplicate a system to build an income base. Each person invests time and effort to help their recruits, and the more each person helps cultivate success in others, the more successful they (in turn) become.

The complaint that the industry uses people in a manipulative way of getting rich off their family and friends can’t be further from the truth. And I, for one, would rather champion the success of my friends and family members than funneling money to the big box stores!

If you’re the kind of person who hates to see your family and friends happily building a successful business then this industry is not for you, and you need a healthy does of personal development. If, on the other hand, you enjoy helping others while earning a living, then a gig in network marketing might be an excellent way for your cup to runneth over!

Only the Guy at the Top Makes the Bucks!

The CEO’s and those in the leadership positions of big corporations and banking institutions make a lot of money. This is a well-known fact. 99.9% of the “employees” within a company won’t surpass the wages earned by those big boys on the top floor. Most of those employees won’t be promoted to the position of CEO or COO, either. Nor will they earn significant monthly, quarterly or annual bonuses and luxury vacations for hitting milestones.

In relationship marketing, however, you are elbow to elbow with people from all walks of life…some with PhD’s and MBA’s…on a level playing field, but you have the opportunity to surpass the success of anyone, at any time. The level of success you achieve is entirely up to you and how much you intend to put into your business.

Earning Money in Corporate America
Education + Experience = Income

Earning Money in Network Marketing
Consistent/Persistent Activity & Effort = Income.

In a solid relationship marketing company, business owners make any amount they choose by structuring their schedule and efforts to meet their personal goals. Regardless of where one is in the organization, it is possible to go as far as, or be at the top with, the people who have been involved for longer.

Doesn’t the Industry Get Saturated?

As long as people have a need for the product or service you offer, as a network marketer, you will have plenty of people who purchase those items and use those services. The business itself is a product, and since there are an infinite number of people in the world…and those people are looking for a career path or career change or side-gig or another source of income… saturation is an impossibility. There is only timing.

“Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a refrigerator? No? That doesn’t stop GE from selling more of them.” Taken from Network Marketing for Dummies by Zig Ziglar

Does Network Marketing Really Work?

In 2018, the Direct Selling Association reported a 1.3% growth in the direct sales industry, which is approximately $35.4 billion dollars! Last year, in the United States, there were 1.0 million people involved in the industry full-time (30 or more hours a week) and 5.2 million part-time (fewer than 30 hours a week). The numbers don’t lie. Network Marketing WORKS!

As I stated earlier, the amount of success you have is equal to the amount of effort you put into your home-based business. Plenty of people quit selling on platforms like ETSY or eBay…or they stop blogging…because they didn’t experience success, but you don’t hear people complaining that those platforms don’t work.

A good network marketing company has a system in place to help their base of brand partners generate an income and duplicate that system to help others. I feel like this point has been made numerous times, but it’s important to understand the gravity of just what the industry does to empower people to take back the control of their own lives instead of trading their time for dollars. So, I made it again.

Can You Really Get Rich in Network Marketing?

This question is answered in several parts. First of all, not all people judge wealth the same, so keep that in mind. The Top 2% to 10% of Network Marketers earning serious, big money are the same people who treat the opportunity as a full-time job, putting in persistent-consistent effort, to build their businesses. Still, people in the industry can earn a few hundred to several thousand a month and easily supplement, replace or double/triple the income earned in Corporate America.

Back to judging wealth. Earning a paycheck you, basically, write yourself…with the effort you are willing to put in…is just one perk of being in business as a professional network marketer. A lot of network marketers, however, will tell you the money they earn to live on their terms is irreplaceable. The real wealth is centered in finding the balance between work and family, being debt-free, living comfortably and not being blindsided by having to take time off work to care for a family member suffering an illness or for taking off in the middle of the day to go do something fun with their children. In addition to the number of people you can help within your family unit, you are also helping an entire network of people…people who become like-family…achieve success. Being a servant leader is part of the beauty of the industry.

And besides, the Network Marketing industry has created more millionaires than any other business industry.

There is a Cult Mentality Among Network Marketers

If attending conferences, that are more like rock concerts, makes network marketers seem cult-like, then (no offense) you need to get out more! Fanatics are everywhere, but with the demonized rap network marketing gets, you’ll likely find everyday people who are grounded and hard working, sticking to the facts and sharing statistical information to show you just how “normal” a career path network marketing is. In fact, network marketing, once you’ve been part of the industry, is a far more rational and less stressful way of working and living than spending the majority of ones time in a 40-hour work week job, behind a desk, inside a warehouse, in a cubicle, etc.

What is so cult-like about achieving the same level of income working from home, TAILORING WORK AROUND YOUR LIFE while helping other people do the same? What is cult-like about being passionate about the products you share? What is cult-like about the proof that the network marketing industry can rid one of limitations and restrictions?

In mainstream Corporate America, you have to schedule your life, your families lives, your passions, and your desire to travel around a 40-60 hour work week that someone else has determined for you. You have to ask permission to take off work and take care of your children when they are sick. You have to seek approval before you go on a vacation. What about that doesn’t seem cult-like? You’re basically giving up all of yourself to a job, to your boss, to a company, to the human-resources department and seeking the green light from your leader to do the things you need to do, in the name of making money to pay bills. Giving up all your power…that sounds a lot like a cult to me.

Relationship Marketing is becoming more popular as part of a mainstream way of earning an income or residual income. There are more young entrepreneurs than ever…circumventing Corporate America limitations on their time…who are paying off college debt and finding that the network marketing industry allows them to HAVE A LIFE! And because younger generations have been so open to the industry with a taboo label, they are impacting older generations who were misinformed about it for far too long.

Unfortunately, the myths will still exist. If you remain open-minded, however, you don’t have to be one of those ignorant people who have been brainwashed into thinking that the only people who engage in the network marketing industry can’t get a “real job.” Those are the same people who say things like, “There’s nothing wrong with doing a hard days work in a manual labor job to put food on the table and take care of family.” And that might be true, but if you could avoid doing hard, manual labor to live comfortably and spend more time with your family or doing what you love, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t YOU!?

Look, you can read until the cows come home, but there’s nothing like reaching out to someone who is experiencing real success and making the networking industry WORK FOR THEM! So, stop wasting time wondering, and let them tell you more about what makes their network marketing opportunity the right one for them and possibly for you. You will find a welcoming group of seasoned mentors and professionals…eager to set the record straight…that can arm you with the facts so you can make an informed decision.

~ Sonja