Never in a million years…..

would I have known when I started a home-based business that it would afford me a precious gift, but it did!  

I was working long hours as a dental assistant, living paycheck to paycheck. I loved my job but had no retirement to speak of and wanted to help my children with college expenses. In my spare time and while driving to work, I started building my business, my Plan B. 

Fast forward 3 years, my Dad called to say your Mom is in the hospital and you need to get here now. They live 1300 miles away. She was very ill. The doctors thought she had a stroke and the prognosis was not good.

This began a six-month process of intensive therapy, rehab, memory care and assisted living until she was well enough to go home. Even then, the doctors and caregivers recommended both Mom and Dad stay in assisted-living but they wanted to live at home. I moved in to help out for six additional months. 

I would not have been able to spend that precious time with my parents had I not had the extra income from my Plan B.

You see the Plan B started paying me very well once the compounded effect kicked in – it took approximately one year. The beauty of a home based business is you can do it from anywhere on your schedule, even from your smart phone! I met many wonderful people along the journey – some became interested in the product and some in the business, just because of my story. 

I will be forever grateful to my support team and mentors – who guided me to success and to the relationship marketing industry for the many precious memories I have of spending time with my parents in their golden years. 

Forever grateful in TX …

What’s your alternative?