Never Pee Alone, A Life Blesson


Female plastic surgeon

When I was 5 years old, I cut my thumb after discovering a razor blade in the bathroom medicine cabinet. It was an innocent mistake that required stitches. I vividly remember watching as the surgeon worked meticulously to sew the flap of skin back into place. That was the moment I decided I would be a doctor…a plastic surgeon.

Many years later I graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Over the course of my college career, however, I’d learned more about the medical field from the perspective of being a patient. Disenchanted with the industry and the power of insurance companies to make decisions for patients, rather than trained medical professionals,  my heart was no longer in it.  This was a devastating blow since I’d dreamed of being a doctor my entire life.





Woman In Lab Experimenting

After choosing not to go to medical school, I had to regroup. I met with a scientific staffing company that eventually placed me with a pharmaceutical company. I was on a path I never imagined I would be walking. Being an employee, asking permission to go to the restroom and eating lunch out of a Tupperware container in 30 minutes flat was not the life I dreamed of as a child. I was so uninspired with my career,  I didn’t perform well and was eventually let go. That failure was the best thing that ever happened to me. I had to step up and participate in my own rescue.



Be The Game Changer

If I wanted things to change, I had to do something different. The recruiter who placed me with that pharmaceutical company asked me to take over her job, as she left the company to raise the child she was expecting. The thought of working with people on a daily basis versus test tubes and beakers terrified me. Although, I wanted to tell her, “No!”…I knew I had to face that challenge head-on and learn the skills that would provide confidence rather than fear. I have always taken to heart the quote, “Do one thing, every day, that scares you.”  There was no doubt I was far more comfortable relating to a test tube, but I knew the only way for me to conquer my fear, develop the skill-set to work with people…and get out of my comfort zone…was to put myself in that role.



Design The Life You Want to Live

During my work as a scientific recruiter I made a friend who started a tech recruiting company and asked me to come work for him. He promised a generous compensation package with bonuses, insurance, lots of perks, and I’d never have to ask permission to use the restroom, so I couldn’t resist. A couple of months into my employment I moved from small town NC to my very first apartment in the big city. The month before I had purchased a brand, new car.  The very same day I signed the lease on my new home I received a phone call from my boss telling me, “Don’t come to work tomorrow. We are out of business.”



Think Outside The Box

On my own, with lots of new responsibility, I was devastated, frustrated and scared. The last thing I wanted was to end up in a job I hated…asking permission to use the restroom and allowed a lunch break where I barely had time to breathe much less eat.  I couldn’t imagine going back to Corporate America and down that road again! I HAD to figure out a solution. A good friend found out that I’d lost my job and invited me to a business overview for a network marketing company. My initial reaction was incredibly arrogant as I thought to myself, “People who do that can’t get REAL jobs.” I, however, had nothing to lose, so I decided to be open-minded and support my friend.


Grow Outside Your Comfort Zone


I was BLOWN AWAY by what I heard! I understood the concept of having a residual, compounding income, and though I was a shy scientist, I made a decision…I made a decision that if other people were having success then I could have success by following the systems they had in place, even though it meant I would have to spend time outside my comfort zone.




Bathroom Break They Will Find You

I am proud to say, 18 years later, I am a professional network marketer with my second network marketing company…and I still earn a residual income from the first networking company I joined! I’ve been “retired”
since I was 38 years old…just after becoming a mother. I make my own hours. I work when I want to because I have choices. I’m able to attend every soccer game, after school function and take my young son to the beach, mountains or to the amusement park on a whim. I don’t have to give anyone “notice”, because I am the President/CEO and Head Honcho of my business. My life is so much richer because I didn’t let my ego get in the way and instead I stepped out and took a risk on myself. Now, I’m living the life of my dreams!…and I rarely use the restroom alone.
~ Shera F.