Therapist Leading a Session with a Married Couple

As a Certified and Licensed Marriage and Family Psychotherapist for 21 years, and busy mother of two, I consider myself open-minded. I like to stay open to allow myself to grow and learn. Reading books, being part of workshops to expand my knowledge of healing – and therefore a state of happiness even in tough times – comes as naturally to me as the routine habit of brushing my teeth.

I was not looking for anything to add to my plate of responsibilities when a darling friend shared a networking opportunity with me. I spend a lot of time with this person, and I thought I knew her well enough to say there’s no way she’d consider a home-based business. When I first received her email, I honestly thought she’d been hacked! It wasn’t until I…grumbling the entire time…decided to support her, see what she was so excited about and attend a gathering to hear more.

After having a perfectly, lovely time, (in spite of my internal dialogue arguing to find everything wrong), I couldn’t deny the positive results of I saw in the face of my friend or that of hundreds of other people. In my 40’s, I was looking for a safe, clean product to combat the signs of aging and free radicals, on top of healthy options to heal my body from the inside out. And with a holistic approach, this sounded like something right up my alley. So, I made the leap to incorporate the products she shared with me into my routine.  The customer service of the company coupled with the patented products exceeded my expectations. I am thankful to have discovered a regimen that works for me.


Stay Open-Minded

When I began to experience positive results and see noticeable improvement in everything from my skin to how I feel, I had to sit down and examine why, (for so long), I had held this outdated, strong opinion of an entire industry I knew nothing about! It surprised me, with my background and ongoing education – and obvious open-mindedness as a therapist (sarcasm) –  that I was incredibly grounded in negativity about this business model that was empowering people (I knew) to be their best selves. I had been missing so much until I allowed myself to peel back the layers…beginning with my own thinking.


Start With An Open Mind

It was the company philosophy, leadership and mentors highlighting the importance of tapping into personal development – a passion of mine for a long time – that got me! I’d never even considered the other benefits to having a side-gig in the relationship marketing model. Benefits like: having a culture of people rooted in becoming the best version of themselves and to help others do the same, the importance of self-care and letting go of negative beliefs to find inspiration and evolve, in addition to the residual income, the car bonuses, the monthly incentives, quarterly and annual bonuses and trips, and the ability to do business when and where I happen to be at the moment – even on vacation -…not to mention the tax write-offs of having a home-based business! The legitimacy and promise of this way of doing business…living, working and playing…had my full attention!

For quite some time, I wanted to face my “money karma”, but if you told me several years ago that this would be the way in which it would happen, I’d have told you to book a therapy session! No way did I see the relevance of this business model long ago that I see so clearly now.

I’ve been a pillar in the community, well-known, with a reputation built on sound advice through years of study, further education and practice, and it was important for me to practice what I preach.  The added experiences I’ve had in network marketing have served to improve my level of effectiveness for the people I counsel.  I love what I do to help people, and I love what I’m doing to help myself and how it positively impacts my practice.


Your Power is Your Belief

I won’t say it’s been easy. I mean, I may be a therapist, but working through the six inches between ones ears is the most challenging obstacle I believe anyone ever has…including me.  It took me awhile to overcome the self-consciousness that surrounds the fear of rejection, but that has become an invaluable lesson. Mastering the art of letting go of what other people think is another form of compensation…on a soul level…that is its own form of valuable currency.


You Are Greater Than Any Obstacle

I’ve also found peace in not being attached to the results. I have a deep satisfaction with where I am and what I’m doing to empower others, so when I share this opportunity I know it is a matter of timing. The right people, open and looking to improve a myriad of areas in their lives, will get it! There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not, by the end of it, in awe of a fear I’ve faced and conquered, or broken through a barrier.


Find Yourself in the Service of Others

What this side-gig has done for my practice as a therapist is the equivalent of courses in how to run a successful business, because the systems in place make it so easy. There are people here to guide me…a phone call away…so I’m not in business by myself, but for myself. I am able to work this anywhere into my day. I can fit in a 10 minute conference call while I’m with my children or preparing dinner for my family. While I’m at the dog park, I have the confidence to share this with everyone in general conversation, and it never feels forced! It’s part of me…a celebrated part of me.  I’m a better listener and find there is, more times than not, a place for these products and even this gift of a liberating business in the lives of the majority of people who cross my path. So, I keep showing up and sharing.



I’ve been embraced by a team of people who’ve not only become my mentors, but also my friends. As goofy as it might sound to some, my family has grown to encompass people from all over the country…the world! I could go on and on about how much I LOVE this company and the people. What started as a dabbling effort to support a friend has become a true blessing and a facet of my life that I wake up, everyday, grateful to be part of.

You don’t know what you don’t know! Don’t guess and let what you only think you know get in your way. Get out of your ego,…humble yourself, Dear Professional (person reading this)…,and then get ready to be educated on just how much you’ve been missing! ~ L. C.


Be Smart