Some companies offer flexible schedules or the opportunity to work remotely, part or all of the time. While other companies are demanding more time and production from workers—who in a challenging job market feel stuck where they are.

Either way, someone else is calling the shots and setting your schedule. In all likelihood their schedule does not give you enough family time, leisure time, or time to travel. And if you change jobs you’re just letting someone else set your schedule.

There is one change that finally puts you in control. You can run a successful business, on your schedule, right from your home. It’s much simpler than starting a traditional business and it nicely blurs the lines between work time and you time.

For example, while you’re sitting at your computer looking over new orders you can help your daughter with her algebra homework. Or, if you go out for dinner and your cell phone quietly vibrates in your pocket you can respond to a customer.

You can schedule vacation time when you and your family want to go. Just pack your laptop and you’re ready to work from anywhere in the world.

Most people spend their entire lives letting someone else control their schedule and their income.

With the right home business you can take control of both.