One of the most vilified industries, Network Marketing gets a really bad rap by people who either don’t understand the business model or people who simply think that folks who choose to get involved with MLM don’t have viable employment alternatives and can’t get “a real job.”

Smart people who recognize the awesome power of relationship marketing, and the residual income it produces, realize the compounding effect of capitalizing off the efforts of many instead of just the effort of one person. Visionaries know how this business model will grow their retirement, bolster savings for a myriad of home projects, vacations, college tuition, new wheels,…(insert need/goal here)…and make an exponentially greater impact than the average job.

MLM, Multi-level Marketing, Relationship Marketing or Network Marketing take advantage of some vital, yet often misunderstood, principles of income earning potential that one can’t find in traditional, conventional or franchise businesses. There are three keys to the beauty of MLM…the compounding earned income to meet and surpass that of your job or career.

  1. Leveraging Time/Money/Relationships
  2. Residual Income
  3. Growth through Duplication

People who fail to understand the business model don’t comprehend these vital steps. Knowing what each of these steps can do will make or break someone embarking on a networking endeavor or impact the effectiveness of someone who plans to share the opportunity with others in effort to recruit them…thus growing their business and the business of those being recruited.

So, let’s get some clarity on what LEVERAGING TIME/MONEY/RELATIONSHIPS means:

The ENTIRE business world takes advantage of leveraging!!! Every successful person or business is leveraging all day long…if they’re good and know what they’re doing, that is. If you’re not leveraging your time, your contacts, your talents and skills, then you are limiting yourself and your earning potential. When you leverage your time and can teach the skill to others, you will benefit from a percentage of the efforts of other people, thus dramatically increasing your income while creating more free time for yourself.

See, in the Network Marketing business model everyone has the same opportunity to be a business owner with a fraction of the investment of time and money that it would cost a franchise/brick and mortar business owner.

In relationship marketing, the people at the top only get there, (and stay there), by helping others create success. This business model centers around a perpetual system of duplication…consistently helping other people achieve various levels of success and then helping those people help more people. This is a beautiful, empowering system of teamwork and being in business for oneself, but not by oneself!!!

You might’ve been asked this question, and maybe you didn’t give it a lot of thought, but:

“Would you rather get 100% of one person’s effort or 5% of the efforts of 100 people?”

100% of one person’s effort is always just ONE, but 5% of the effort of 100 people is FIVE! (wink-elbow-nudge)

In Network Marketing, your income isn’t dependent on just yourself…just one person. The results of five people will garner amplified results. If you are working for yourself, but with a team of people…not by yourself…your income isn’t dependent on your efforts alone.

Say you have to be out of work due to an injury or to care for a child home sick from school for a couple weeks. The people on your team are still working, so you are still getting a residual income. The customer base you’ve created will continue getting their orders, so you are still generating income. If someone in your organization has a setback, it’s not likely to dramatically, negatively impact your business. Drop out of work for a couple weeks to tend to a child, however, and you begin digging into vacation days and a lot of time you aren’t getting paid while taking that time off. See the difference?

You’re actually generating an income in your sleep, while you’re at a luxury resort on vacation or cheering your son or daughter on at one of their sports games. This is one of the greatest advantages of leveraging your time!

This brings us to RESIDUAL INCOME:

You continue to receive residual income long after the work you’ve done to produce that income has ended. You don’t have to clock in and work eight hours to earn residual income. Residual income is generated in numerous ways, but many people fail to understand it, while others simply haven’t given it any thought or don’t even know to consider it…they just don’t know what it is.

When you earn interest on savings accounts or investments you are earning residual income. You continue to receive it without investing additional money to create it.

If you had the opportunity to earn $1500 doing a job, and only earning that $1500 one time, or you had the chance to get paid $150 a month for the rest of your life…What would be your choice? For those of you who chose $150 a month for life WIN…and you clearly understand the value of residual income!

Earning $150 a month will add up and grow into more than $1500 a month relatively quickly. This is the kind of income that can last for years, or even better – a lifetime – and it can mean the difference between a luxury retirement or a fixed income existence.

I’m not suggesting it’s a get rich quick system, but with a solid network marketing company the possibility to create a stream of income that can even replace your “day job”, in a short period of time, is a viable reality.

To be successful in this industry, you have to choose an organization that offers products that are exclusive and can help make the lives of people easier or enhance their lifestyle. Likewise, you have to be consistent and persistent – using a simple system that anyone can learn and duplicate – and be dedicated to making it part of a routine…contributing whatever amount of time you can carve out to sharing it with others.

People who aren’t successful in this industry just give up too soon because they’re expecting overnight success, but this is a long haul system of working and living. The benefits of residual income generated from network marketing is reaped once you build it up. The immediate access is beneficial, but the true financial freedom comes after one has built numerous accounts, helped dozens to hundreds to thousands of people (the parameters are completely up to you), thus enabling one to enjoy time and financial freedom that is literally life-changing!


Most people have heard about the penny-a-day-doubling algorithm, so I’m not going to rehash it here. You can run a search online if you are one of the few who don’t know what I’m talking about. It might be helpful, too, because it’s a great way to illustrate how impactful Network Marketing can be. If I manage to teach you the value of this, then I’ve basically doubled my efforts.

So, if I teach someone else, I’ve doubled my efforts again, and that person teaches someone, and again I’ve doubled my efforts and their efforts. This just keeps repeating. This growth and duplication continues to multiply and you get faster results over a shorter period of time, just like that penny algorithm.

It’s kinda funny. People underestimate the value of a penny and it doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. In a way, the Network Marketing industry is the penny of the business world. But if you are the kind of person who recognizes the value of lots of pennies…and you’re interested in the compounding efforts of your time and energy…then reach out and learn more about how Relationship Marketing can help your pennies add up!
~ Sonja