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Never In a Million Years!

Never in a million years….. would I have known when I started a home-based business that it would afford me a precious gift, but it did!   I was working long hours as a dental assistant, living paycheck to paycheck. I...
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The end of the two-week vacation

Don’t count the months until the next vacation your company grants you. Instead, travel as often as you like while you run a successful business that generates all the income you want. Make a list of the places you want...
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Building a business by building relationships

Building relationships has always been critical to starting and running a successful business. Thirty years ago relationships were built when someone you knew introduced you to someone he or she knew. Two centuries ago, relationships were built by someone you...
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Work for yourself, but not by yourself

Most people spend their adult lives, their most productive years, regretting the mind numbing constraints of a corporate career and fearing the uncertainty of starting their own business. There is a third option. Thirty years ago Leslie Hocker and Ron...
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Global reach right from home, or anywhere

The old home-based business model was built on making cold calls, inviting people to your home, or knocking on doors. Today you can run a successful global business right from your home or anywhere else you happen to be. The...
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