Don’t count the months until the next vacation your company grants you. Instead, travel as often as you like while you run a successful business that generates all the income you want.

Make a list of the places you want to go and go to them. Go to beautiful beaches, famous golf courses, historic cities, majestic ski slopes, or visit family and friends anywhere in the world.

The right home-based business gives you the freedom to work from your den or from a beachfront hotel halfway around the world. If you’ve been a corporate  “road warrior” running through airports to catch flights and make deals for someone else, this is a life-altering concept.

Business travel and leisure travel are now simply your travel. Just pack your laptop in your carry-on bag and you are literally in business anywhere.

Your customers can reach you and you can reach your customers. Track your sales by the pool. Launch a new marketing campaign right after your yoga class. Check the time zones and email your customers at just the right moment. Use Skype, FaceTime, or Go To Meeting to make your presentations.

People once thought, “Home is where the heart is.” Today, your home-based business is wherever you take it.