The Money Tree

Most of us have heard the phrase, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” I’m here to tell you that, figuratively, it’s been happening for a long time.

The tree I’m talking about it is a lot like a family tree. No, not the family Christmas Tree…that one has more money beneath it all neatly wrapped in the form of gifts going out to others. Though the “family tree” I’m talking about also has a lot in common with giving.

It’s the tree that forms from a network of people working together to help each other help each other help each other, etc. It’s a lot like a growing tree generating new branches and leaves. The strong trunk and new growth of this tree are represented by experienced leadership, wise mentors, opportunity, time and financial freedom, extra spending money, bonuses, and annual incentive trips to tropical destinations with sandy beaches and fruity, umbrella drinks.

I’m talking about the Home-Based Business Model of Relationship Marketing. It can be full-time or part-time. It can earn you a little, extra income or a lot. It’s a side-gig that can blossom into a way out of Corporate America.

Relationship Marketing, unlike the “top down” corporate structure of a 9-to-5 where you have to work up over a long period of time, enables one to be at the top or anywhere on the tree that you determine you want to be. No one is checking your credentials to see if you are qualified to get a promotion. You decide just how much you want to achieve, and you do what it takes to get there. You are the boss, you are the one branching out to fortify your growth and the growth of the rest of the family-network tree. 

Though you are in business for yourself, you aren’t by yourself. That’s the “family” part of this tree. You have mentors who benefit from helping you and making sure you get started the right way, and they help you help others until you are doing exactly what those mentors are doing…and you keeping climbing higher and higher as those branches of people in your network also climb higher and higher and branch out farther and farther. 

Basically, he who helps the most people grow and create success is the one who wins. It’s a kind of winning that gives back to you and to all those you helped to help to help, etc. That’s not the only payoff.

While you are helping others, you are determining the size of your paycheck for that week, that month, that year. Do you want a bigger bonus? Well, you can reach whatever bonus level you choose when you put in the work to help others. You don’t get that in Corporate America. See, in networking…and that is something you are doing all the time whether you realize it or not…you are telling the company you work for what to pay you based on the work you do and the level of engagement you choose.

Having the CHOICE is one of the biggest rewards of the Network Marketing family tree. You get to choose who you want to work with. Who wants to lock arms and grow in wealth alongside people they enjoy being around?! (raises hand) You get to choose how much you want to work and when. Do you want to fit a manicure, movie, sons baseball game into your middle-of-the-day-middle-of-the-week activities? (raises hand, again). In relationship marketing YOU CAN! You get to decide if that $25,000 bonus is what you want or if you think the $50,000 bonus is something you’d rather attain. If you shoot for the $50,000, you’ll (likely) get the $25,000!

In Corporate America you get what you get, a lot of the time, based on how well the company did as a whole…and you don’t really get a say in what that amount will be if you are riding a desk job that caps your salary. There’s a ceiling in the Corporate Structure.  In Network Marketing, the sky is the limit, and you are encouraged to make as much as you want to make. Everyone wins when you are helping yourself and helping others!

There’s really no better gift than the gift of a strong and generous family of people all working together, going in the same direction…UP…striving to achieve limitless potential.

So I’ll just “leave” you with this:

You can have a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree with an office Grinch, or you can have a Giant Sequoia of friends and family who know how to live, work and play (well) with others they are helping to achieve success.

Which one would you rather climb?       ~ Lucy

Help Others and You Will Also Be Helping Yourself
True Success