Self-Care Is Essential Not Selfish

A few years ago I decided to support a good friend by purchasing some products from the part-time business she’d started with her husband. At the time, I wasn’t interested in pursuing the business, but when I realized I could get the products for free by doing what they were doing, it was an easy choice. It was a nominal investment to get started, so I reasoned the worst that could happen was losing space in my cabinet to a healthy stock of products that were working for me. It was a lot less to buy into the business than it was to keep up my $500+ department store cream purchase every month!

I knew nothing about the business when I signed on. I didn’t think I would do a whole lot with it, and I was really just interested in earning back my initial investment and getting more free products. I followed the simple systems using the tools provided by the company, and I did what I always do…I shared my opinion and talked about what was working for me with my co-workers and my family and friends.  I took photos of my skin before I began using the products and after I’d been using them for a week, a month and three months.

I never felt like I was selling anything. I mean, the proof was in my skin, so people were scrambling to get the same results I was experiencing. I had a lot of success and began to see my involvement with the business as a potential way to replace my full-time income.

One I realized I could earn enough, (on a part-time basis), to replace my salary working full-time,  I decided to make it my primary job and I submitted my resignation. It wasn’t an arbitrary decision, nor was it based solely on finances.

I was struggling with depression after a painful divorce and dividing my children’s time between me and their father every other weekend. It took its toll in ways I hadn’t been able to process.  I knew the 9-to-5 I was working wouldn’t be an environment in which I could function and get well. Prescription medication left me feeling groggy and indifferent, and I had moments of spontaneous weeping that meant I took frequent trips to the bathroom to pull myself together. I didn’t have a flexible schedule or enough vacation time to do anything more than get away for a couple weeks, which would have served as a band-aid and not a solution.

What I did have, however, was access to a tremendous amount of personal development tools, books and testimonials through this home-based business opportunity of mine. The company philosophy of “making people better” wound up being exactly the medicine I needed. I dove into the culture and the business. Owning a home-based business enabled me to make time for self-care. I was building a business while making myself better. The better I got the more my business grew. I met wonderful people who were positive and had uplifting energy, and several of those people became my mentors.

This company nurtured me from the inside out with phenomenal products for my skin and body, but it also nurtured my spirit and gave me a soft place to land and a springboard to a new future.

It all started with skincare and it evolved into self-care. I’ve learned that self-care isn’t selfish. I’ll always be grateful for the perfect job that taught me how to share the ‘beauty’ of being in business for oneself and to make the care of oneself part of the job.  ~Lindsay