“There is REAL MONEY Behind This!” –  How a “Side Gig” Saves Family After Son Diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis



Looking at my college credentials and the trajectory I was on after obtaining my Masters Degree, you’d have thought my 6-figure income career in pharmaceutical sales…after performing strongly and meeting milestones…would put me in line for a promotion, but you would be wrong.

Like so many people in Corporate America, I was not immune to the downsizing in which the company I represented let go of 75% of their workforce. I had no voice…no ability to defend myself…against an incompetent district manager who spent most of his time telling me how horrible I was at my job. I watched as my fellow coworkers were blindsided, and I knew the writing was on the wall. So after 5 years of loyal service, I was let go. There was no merit to my dismissal, and it was handled so cavalierly without any remorse. So I made the decision, in that moment, to find a way to own my life and never be at the mercy of number-crunching decision makers that only cared about the interests of their bottom-line and not the actual people who helped increase it.

I was offered a position in medical marketing, but I yearned for something bigger…something that was just MORE. Shortly thereafter, some people who did have my best interests at heart approached me with an opportunity. My parents had always been involved in this industry as I was growing up, and they knew I was open-minded. I knew I could take a chance and make a change, or I could stay where I was…dreaming about a different way of doing things without actually doing anything differently.


The comeback is always stronger than the setback

It was the best decision I’ve ever made! Even though I hadn’t done anything like it before, I saw that there was a system to follow and I knew I could do that. I took the advice of one of the founders of the company and began to “Have fun!” I shared with others and got my first check in the mail. It wasn’t much, but I knew there was more where it came from. After plugging in, (on a part-time basis), a few months passed, and I got a much bigger check in the mail. That was when I thought, “There is REAL MONEY behind this, and I can do it!”

I began earning a 6-figure income, (again), and I paid off my student loans. I helped someone else earn a 6-figure income, and I kept evolving and dreaming bigger…and no one ever told me I was horrible at my job. In fact, one of the things I love most about what I do as a professional network marketer is the camaraderie, the encouragement and personal development that are part of the culture.

…Then life happened.


Boy With Cystic Fibrosis

My husband and I were growing our family, and our son was born and diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. This came as quite a shock, but because I’d worked for 4 years to build my business on the side, my husband was able to stop working as a golf pro to stay home with our son. We both took that first year to learn everything we could about CF to prepare, so we could administer treatments and find solutions to do more than just function. We couldn’t have taken that time to nurture and understand, and build a foundation for our son to thrive, if we both had to punch a time-clock. Network Marketing sustained us…IT SAVED US! Had I not been working as a part-time network marketer, in the cracks of my day, my husband wouldn’t have been able to step away from his job to be a full-time, stay-at-home-dad.



Stay-at-Home-Dad napping with son

Bottom line…the network marketing industry isn’t just changing my life or the lives of my family, it’s changing the lives of many all over the world. This industry isn’t going to throw you away, it’s going to embrace and reward you and help you understand just how much you really have to offer.