I know it sounds counterintuitive to add a side-gig to the list of tasks a busy person already has to manage in life, but hear me out.

Whether you are single, working full-time or part-time, or working full-time and managing a house full of children with soccer, competitive cheerleading, dance, lacrosse, gymnastics, or music lessons, etc…with practices, games, tryouts, competitions and performances to match…you can actually be maximizing your time, energy and efforts by engaging in a side-gig that generates residual-compounding income!

Does it sound crazy? Pish-posh…it’s downright insane not to, and here’s why:

Owning a home-based business…which is what a side-gig is…enables you to create another form of income that will pay you whether you are working or not. It gets simpler once you’ve established a few clients/customers or people to partner with you. It only requires a plan on the front end and consistent-persistent activity…which is what you do when you get up everyday…in short, your routine.

It’s a lot easier than one might think to carve out a few minutes a day or just slide this kind of small business money making into the cracks of the day, right there on the bench at your sons baseball game or while you’re having coffee or cocktails with friends.

What’s even cooler is the ability to step away when you need to, and you continued to get paid! You can’t do that on a whim in Corporate America!

You know what else you can’t do in Corporate America? You can’t tell your boss you gotta cut outta work because your son really wants to play toss with you in the backyard since it finally stopped raining and the weather is perfect. You can’t write a note to upper management with an ‘IOU four hours’ because I promised my daughter I’d take her to get ice cream and go to the park. You might be able to do it with a written request, a month in advance, but not with the satisfying spontaneity that a home-based business gives you. No way!

Not all side-gigs are created equal. One must have a great system in place to easily incorporate into daily life, and after 30 days of plugging in, for whatever timeframe works for you, you’ll begin to see results!

After three months, 6 months, a year or two…depending on your activity…you might even be able to replace your full-time income, and walk away into the sunset, with your side-hustle earnings supporting all those extracurricular activities or [insert desired dream or goal here].

There are also incentive trips, car bonuses, cash bonuses, and you’re in business FOR YOURSELF, but NOT BY YOURSELF! There is a team of people who are willing to mentor you and lock arms to help you reach the milestones of success. They succeed when you succeed. It’s GENIUS! Talk about servant leadership…this industry is steeped in givers, promoters, personal development and recognition!

Which brings me to one of the biggest reasons to get started – the right way – right NOW; this side-gig will give you the financial freedom to take your TIME back…which means take your life back from the corporate grinder machine! You’ll no longer have to choose between your job, and earning an income, and your family or doing the things you love…the very things that make a life worth living!

It’s not a daunting task to add to your list, since it’s the very thing that will eventually make that list lighter on burdensome duties and more full of enjoying “I get to’s”!

And there is a laundry list, (the good kind and not the pile you come home to each day with stains and smells), of tax advantages to owning a home-based business…the home office, the car, insurance, meetings with clients or prospects during trips, (just to name a few)…that mean you are really stretching your dollars and keeping your hard-earned money!

Look, the bottom line is, there are FAR MORE BENEFITS to a side-gig and a home-based business lifestyle than the soul-sucking slavery of a corporate machine that will never get you to a point where you can enjoy your life NOW and IN RETIRMENT.

Why would you wait until you’re retired to live when you can actually balance it all RIGHT NOW?! I can help!

~ Carolyn