Classical Martial Arts attitude can help your business success

In business, there is a common belief that some special shortcut to
success exists. Many think “If I just knew what the secret insider angle
was or had special information or skills then I could also be
successful.”  Very often successful people are asked what was their
secret to success. Books have been written promising the secrets to
success just to appeal to this need to know “what is the secret?”.
However, it’s very common that when you really drill down into how a
particular person was successful, there are no secrets to be found.
Napoleon Hill said as much in his classic work, Think and Grow Rich.
What you actually find is that the successful person has simply mastered
the basics of the business they were in.  Since there is a great deal of
universality in what the actual key basics are to be successful, let’s
focus on one’s attitude toward the basics.  Frequently, it’s the
attitude of a successful person to the basics of their business that
allowed them to succeed. Even when there may have been external
circumstances that made it appear that is was a matter of luck, one
typically finds that the person’s attitude allowed them to master the
basics needed to take advantage of those circumstances. So how did they
persist long enough to have really mastered the basics and then
continued to apply the basics daily till success?

To answer that question, let’s examine an old concept taught in
traditional martial arts.  This concept in Japan is known as “Shoshin”
or in direct translation “beginner’s mind”.  As it sounds, Shoshin is
all about attitude. Masters of traditional martial arts with many
decades of experience are able to do amazing things. Sometimes it just
looks like magic and again just like with the very successful business
entrepreneur, people that desire to achieve that magic want to know what
the secret is, what ‘s the key information, what’s the trick.  True
masters over and over again answer that they are simply applying the
basics of their art. How can the art’s basics become artful magic? The
answer is Shoshin, they bring the attitude to daily practice that each
movement is as if it were the first time, something novel and
interesting. No ego comes in with thoughts of “I already know this” or
“I don’t need to evaluate this” or “time to zone out and rush through”.
They work the same movement over and over, like the first time, slowly,
carefully, assessing the success or failure only to see how to do better
the next repetition.

How can your business turn into an astounding success?  In business, the
basics are the mundane daily practices that in of themselves don’t seem
to make a difference. With Shoshin, everything is new and exciting.
It’s all novel.  Each encounter or routine is done with full attention
and review of what worked, what didn’t work, what can be made better
with the next repetition. The mundane is mastered with repetition of
months or even years, as Shoshin means there is no end, only the next
beginning. Nothing is boring, something to rush through, or done
incompletely, poorly, or even skipped over.  Ideally, a good successful
mentor will be helping encourage those willing to take this path.  To
master the basics takes a change in one’s attitude, simple but not
necessarily easy. Only when one can approach the basics in this way, can
one have the mindset that will allow one to repeat the basics of the art
many times. So many good repetitions allow one to truly master the
mundane in a way that allows the magic to happen. The skills deepen with
years of basics practice and there will be no one moment to point to,
you simply kept repeating and refining the basics daily and gradually
over time, the shift towards success, the artful magic happens.