While watching a Muhammad Ali appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson years ago, after thanking Ali for coming, Johnny mentioned Muhammad’s knack for writing poems and asked if he had one to share. The Greatest quipped:

“I like your show,
and I admire your style,
but your pay is so cheap.
I won’t be back for awhile.”

Ali’s response got a huge laugh from the audience, as he poked fun at the paltry sum late night talk shows are notorious for paying their guests for appearing. But that doesn’t mean that there is no quid pro quo. 

Hollywood’s biggest stars appear nightly as late-night guests for a myriad of reasons: to plug their latest movie or upcoming Las Vegas show, or to tell us exactly when and where to buy their latest book. Whatever their particular reason, the guests and the shows are usually scratching each others’ backs. Adults like to play fair and give at least as much as we get…at least those who would prefer to have a pal or two left.

When I was presented with a network marketing opportunity, I immediately shut it down. I couldn’t see the quid pro quo in the situation! 

Three years later, when the same friend posted on social media that she paid for her kids’ private school tuition with her income from this opportunity, I called her and said, “Hey, what’s this thing again?” My son was accepted to the same school but I didn’t have the money to cover this bill. Her kindness and passion were the same, and she still believed in the opportunity and how it could help me, but now I was ready to listen to her.

Something tangible was in it for me.

The rewards have gone above and beyond tuition. There is no way to articulate my gratitude to this friend and what she shared with me. The truth is, she did way more for me that I did for her.  

The lesson in all this is to be gracious, patient, and open, and don’t give up. Tuition is now a non-issue, and I get free products that I cannot live without. I have made lifelong friends, and the personal development I’ve been exposed to has been life-altering. 

So if I ask you to look at an opportunity, Yes, I want something from you…I want to find like-minded people who are looking to live life to its fullest, have their priorities in line, and to help you succeed!

But don’t worry…there is more in it for you than I can express in words. We scratch each other’s backs AND have fun on this journey called life. What have you got to lose?