How My Home-Based Small Business Built ME!

Building relationships has always been critical to starting and running a successful business. If you don’t get along with your colleagues it can be a real pain, so it’s important to build relationships.

Two centuries ago, relationships were built by someone you knew sending a letter of introduction on your behalf. Thirty years ago, relationships were built when someone you knew introduced you to someone he or she knew. Those methods still work, but the tools, strategies and tactics utilized to build relationships have changed dramatically. You are connected to the world at the touch of a button and able to build relationships through a screen. This is a brilliant opportunity for the budding entrepreneur!

If you’re considering working on your own, either full-time or part-time, aligning yourself with people who know how to optimize today’s most critical relationship building methods is crucial. Sharing that information with enthusiasm is just as important.

Two experts in this field, who began building their successful business 30 years ago, have shared their formula for success with me. A significant part of their success was achieved by the commitment they made to always share what they’ve learned with the people who join them in this business model. The model, the methods and the tools they’ve shared with me have changed the way I function in the world…so I am actually living life on my terms.

Through coaching and mentoring, and by providing access to dozens of videos, audios and books on their website, they’ve built a legacy business and helped thousands of others do the same.

Unlike Corporate America, this company culture encourages everyone in the organization to share what he or she has learned with others. In this model, everyone is rewarded when you succeed.

The powerful, user-friendly, marketing tools enable new, small business owners to quickly experience and build their own success in a short turnaround time.

With a nominal investment, I was able to start my small business…on the side, while I was still employed in Corporate America…and I earned my investment back within 30-days. I also began seeing a profit, and with consistent-persistent activity that I was able to fit into the cracks of my day,…on the way to work, during lunch, on the way home while I sat in traffic, at home in the evenings…I earned extra income to do more things I had on my “someday list.”

From that point on, with the personal development tools I incorporated into my daily routine, the balance shifted from me feeling out of control in my own life to calling the shots.

The ease at which I was able to get started, as I witnessed my finances improve through daily effort, opened my eyes to a new, more satisfying way of earning a living and balancing the rest of my life. I wasn’t just working all day to pay for a house I never got to spend time enjoying!

I’ve now been working with this leadership team, within this industry, for four years, and I’ve never felt more sure that I’ve found the answer to real joy…the key to happiness.

I continue to broaden my financial picture as I build relationships, and by helping people do the same thing I have found more purpose than just earning an income.

Not once, in all the years I spent working in Corporate America, had I been given more incentives to build a better version of ME than I have in this industry!

If you are seeking a way to build your network, build your bank account, build on your skills and personal development, and build toward a future of more freedom, flexibility and fun, then reach out for more information!