You will agree that you choose your mood. You will agree you create your reality…well, most people with an open mind and a willingness to grow will, likely, tell you that you do, in fact, create your world with your beliefs about it. Those are the same people who look on the bright side and find the silver lining in most situations. They search for ways to stay in gratitude and share their abundance of positive energy with anyone who needs it.

Simply put…they enjoy the journey. They are masters of staying cool, calm and collected. They are unfazed. In the midst of a challenge these people will shine and they will help others do the same.

Now, I know plenty of folks who will criticize those positive thinkers, simply because they don’t believe themselves to be capable of the same upside thinking, but that kind of narrow mindedness is such a drag. Ugh.

When given the choice, are you gonna sit with the complainers or the uplifters? Are you going to join in the pity party or are you gonna cut loose with people who know how to have a good time no matter what?

I know I’m choosing to surround myself with people who are thriving during difficulty. It was just such a person who reminded me that there are so many benefits to being in quarantine.

I’m not downplaying the situation most of the world is in at the moment, but I am 100% positive that this will pass! At the end of the day, your focus will determine where you end up on the other side of this.

Even if you find yourself in the unemployment line. Even if you’ve filed for assistance. Even if you are getting food stamps and help from local food banks, this will pass and you will carry onward and upward.

Will it be upward? Will you “go back” to doing what you were doing, or are you in that rare place of transformation? Are you looking at this challenge as a springboard to doing more of what you love? Are you considering this might be a nudge in a direction that will enable you to finally try this or try that? Are you catching a glimpse of the bright side?

My friend reminded me that this situation of quarantine has brought out so many blessings. Slowing down and really taking time to smell the flowers… literally, he and his family (the wife, the 7 year old and 12 year old) are in the yard gardening together. They are going on bike rides around the neighborhood. They are pulling up chairs…six feet apart…and hosting concerts with talented neighbors, enjoying fellowship, hosting movie nights in the backyard with neighbors next door and around the corner.

He also made the no-brainer choice to start a home-based business, because his degree and seniority in the company he worked for, (for 18 years), wasn’t a foolproof way to ensure he’d be gainfully employed until he chose to retire.

No. He, like so many other fathers, has been laid-off. Sitting down with his wife, they began to evaluate their financial picture. They scaled back on everything but the necessities. It was when their discussion rounded to the children’s 529 accounts that a passion welled within him to think bigger and outside the box. He wasn’t going to sacrifice the future of his children regardless of the uncertainty of his job.

He looked up a friend from high school who, years ago, had shared a “business in a box” opportunity with him. At the time, it didn’t seem like the business was for him. While he respected his friend and applauded his success, it wasn’t the vision he had for himself.

Now, he was more open to learning how it all worked. After all, his friend is posting photos on social media with their family quarantined by the pool as they simultaneously host business opportunity calls, and the only thing that really changed for them is the quarantine, itself. Life as they know it carries on because they work from home.

So, even though this situation forced him to look deeper at the opportunity, a major shift in his mindset occurred, as well.

He shared, “Why would I go back to trading my time for dollars if I can create an income from home and balance all this fun stuff by owning a home-based business?”

He is three weeks into the newly found freedom of working from home with a business no one can take away from him. He is learning to host video chats and build an income, while taking a break to toss a baseball around with his son. He is cooking dinner for his wife…something he hasn’t done in many years…and remembering how fond he is of being a master in the kitchen.

When I spoke with my friend, I could hear the smile in the corners of his mouth, and even through tears of joy he celebrated the gift of this pandemic because it forced him outside his comfort zone so that he is now more comfortable than he’s ever been…at home with his family.

What an incredible blessing he shared with me and others that are beginning to open their eyes to a new way of living, working and playing.

Reach out to learn more and let’s talk about creating a home-based business and a brighter future!