How that “little” thing I’m doing on the side has changed my life in a BIG way!

Thanksgiving is just a couple weeks away. It’s the time of year for fellowship with family and friends and to show gratitude for the little things.

I love Thanksgiving! It’s my favorite holiday. Seeing the faces of my family gathered together around tables of carefully prepared goodies, all made with love, is the epitome of comfort in this Southern Belle’s humble opinion.

I’m going to be honest, though. At this time several years ago, I wanted to ring the neck of one family member in particular…he’s kind of a turkey. I bet some of you know the type; abnormally loud, always needing to be the center of attention, boasting about his accolades…when no one is actually asking to hear, again, for the upteenth time. I’m all for being proud of accomplishments, and family will (usually) be the cheerleader section you want right beside you for genuine applause.  He, however, was the one who tested me the most. It’s the way he would cavalierly condescend to good news…news he deemed merely ‘meh’…in his elitist, expert opinion. I call it the “better, faster, more syndrome”. If you’ve done something you are proud of, he’s done it better, he’s done it faster, he’s done it more. And he’s about to do it all again…better, faster, and more-er than you!

There was a time when I allowed his behavior to get under my skin and make me madder than a wet hornet. That was back when I silently diagnosed him with BFM (better-faster-more). Years have passed, however, and I look forward to gathering with ALL of my family once again, because during the past 60 months I’ve been doing a lot of personal development. If you don’t know what personal development is just keep reading, because it kept me from clobbering Mr. BFM and probably serving jail time.

In October of 2013 I was introduced to an opportunity that put me outside my comfort zone and forced me to think outside the box. After going through some monumental changes in my life, I did some soul-searching and reached the conclusion that I had to do something radically different if I was ever going to attain my goals and be a happier person. Really what I wound up doing isn’t so much a radical decision, but it isn’t the answer I would have given to being asked, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

This was a most fortunate development, since my “self”, (five years ago), lacked vision, enthusiasm, creative thinking and the tools to live life with passion. I like to say it was an amazing grace that found me, since I felt a great weight had been lifted and things just seemed ‘lighter.’ I got unstuck!

I embraced a chance to grow myself mentally and physically, along with bettering my financial picture, but it all began with positive philosophies that naturally rolled into a system of doing business that I truly enjoy. Being a social butterfly comes with Southern roots, so sharing something I was excited about didn’t feel like work, at all. I just felt like I was connecting with people, and before I knew it I was hitting goals, surpassing goals…and then I was driving a company car. Now, the best part is that the car doesn’t belong to the company. No, the car belongs to ME!…and I get a nice “little” bonus to drive it, because I earned it doing nothing more than sharing and helping other people do the same thing I’ve learned to do.

Obviously, as someone who relishes sharing great products with the people I love, my family was the first to hear about the good news. I was able to pass more than just homemade pies around the table for supper that Thanksgiving. To the people I value most in the world, I handed the keys to holistic, anti-aging health & wellness. Just saying those words makes me feel giddy!!! The patented, backed-by-science serums and anti-aging nutrients have me glowing from the inside-out, and the personal development centered philosophy of the company has me forever changed for good!

One I was able to get past the limiting beliefs I was holding onto…that had no basis in fact…I grew empowered and suddenly there was really no such thing as rejection. I mean, sure, there are people who say ‘no’ or think that what I have to share isn’t for them, but none of that is about me.

The true test came when my contagious enthusiasm started to take hold of a few of my family members. What they noticed most, beyond the delivered-as-promised results of the products, was the changes in ME! I was a prime example of stepping out into the unknown and fearlessly GOING FOR IT! I had the encouragement of the people closest to me, and seeing them happy…and seeing them see me happy and successful…well, it was more festive than I can remember being in my years as a young adult!

(DUN-DUN-DUN-DUUUUNNNN) Enter Mr. BFM and his doubting Thomas attitude.

(insert boastful laughter) “How is that ‘little’ thing you’re doing on the side?” “You still dabbling in that ‘little’ business?” “When are you going to use your degree and get a job in the real world?” “That ‘little’ part-time project you keep talking about isn’t going to last.”

I won’t bore you with the insulting details, but you can imagine the pomposity.

But you know what happened?…I smiled the entire time! I smiled BIGGER and BIGGER every time he used the word “little” to describe my newfound career as a home-based business owner. At first I thought he was really enjoying the attempt to make me feel foolish for following my dreams, but then I sensed his unhappiness…(Bless his heart).

So I didn’t get angry. I didn’t feel sad. I didn’t take his pot-shots personally.

No, I did what I always do…now that I’m rooted in personal development…and I offered him some free products, grabbed my phone and casually thumbed through all the fabulous photos of the “little” bonus vacation…the one I earned just doing business in the cracks of my day. And I got so much satisfaction from showing him pictures, and seeing the recognition on his face as he noticed the awe-inspired expressions of mutual friends, he hadn’t seen in a long time, staring back at him…captured during a “little” bonus cruise, and the “little” picture of me holding a giant check for $25,000 that I received after walking across the stage of my “little” company’s annual event.

But the icing on the Thanksgiving Hummingbird Cake came when I said my goodbyes and got in my brand new, “little”, Lexus SUV and tossed him a “little” copy of a Success Magazine with my face inside the pages!

That “little” business I’m doing on the side is the reason why my outlook is better than ever and continues to be the “BIGGEST” source of personal achievement!

You wanna join me and my team of optimistic, enthusiastic, happy visionaries? Just reach out to get more information. It’s the perfect time to give thanks for more opportunities and start looking forward to setting a bold tone to the new year!