Typing the word “pandemic” is rather uncomfortable…surreal. Mostly, since I’m not one to follow the masses or jump into panic-mode, it feels far removed from me. While I, too, am dealing with the side effects of schools being closed and grocery store shelves emptying…which is an irritant…I’m not at the mercy of Corporate America to earn a living or impact my ability to fulfill my needs, so my discomfort is massively diminished in comparison to those with the limited options of working in food service, in city buildings, for city government, for the school systems or big box stores, etc.

And, please understand, the blessing of the distance from my experience is not taken lightly or for granted. I know there are many people struggling physically, emotionally or financially during an uncertain time of quarantine, but I’m not. I’m not struggling, and I’m very proud of this and thankful for decisions I made long ago to be in business for myself.

I’d like to share a secret…well, it really isn’t that much of a secret. Being in business for oneself means your business isn’t shut-down unless you make that decision. You aren’t relying on the income of Corporate America to pay your bills and stock your fridge or…as so many people have observed…the toilet paper in your bathroom cabinet. A government shutdown or state of emergency doesn’t mean you can’t go to work. In fact, those things aren’t likely to impact you…at least not for very long, if at all…when your office is just a few steps away, in your own home.

Having a Home-Based Business is more relevant and easier to accomplish than, quite possibly, ever before. If you are here with that tiny thought poking at you…you know the one…, “It has to be easier. There has to be more to sustaining a life than going to work for eight to ten hours a day and coming home to pay bills and then doing it all over again every. single. day.” Those nagging, louder thoughts, “How am I going to pay the mortgage if I cannot go to work?” “How will I feed my family?” “When will this end?” “What’s going to happen?”

When you have a Home-Based Business in the networking industry, you realize you have the power and the answers to your own future and those questions, specifically. The answer to “How?” is to open yourself up to the possibilities that you might’ve been closed off or rejected for too long.

Being in business for yourself means:

1. Time Freedom = juggling duties and fun on a daily basis and not just for special occasions or on weekends, and setting your own schedule.
2. Financial Freedom = writing your own paycheck and determining your own worth
3. Emotional/Physical Balance = time to nurture your inner spirit and care for the vehicle that gets you around in the world, (i.e., your body/mind)
4. Personal Development = tools to move you forward in the “mind game”
5. Tax Write-Off’s = trips, lunches, car and home insurance, conferences, business development classes, portions of your home, (and much more)

These are just a few things that jump off the page in my own journey of owning a business based out of my home, but there are many more.

This industry…this networking business model…is a GIFT! It’s a gift during the mundane of everyday life, because you actually get to live on your own timeline and not the clock-punching world of Corporate America. You carve time out to get laundry done while balancing calls to potential clients/customers. You’re able to stop working to engage in activities with your children and then resume checking your task list for business while squeezing a trip to the grocery store into the timeline. It’s a wonderful balance of living, working and playing.

This business is a gift during times of strife and layoffs, because I’m not firing myself! And I’m not capped at an hourly rate or salaried position! I can make as much as I want based on the work I choose to put into my day, since I set the goal.

This business is a gift in a pandemic! I go to the kitchen and get breakfast, coffee or tea…depending on how I feel…and I walk around the corner to my home office and Voila! I’m at work, in my home, at my computer, or on my cell phone, with my toast…in my pj’s…and ready to start my day at whatever time I choose.

It’s THAT EASY! It is not too good to be true and those that argue such simply don’t know what in the hell they are talking about, quite frankly! This empowering business melds with my lifestyle. It has helped me create a lifestyle that is far more rewarding, and to suit my needs and those of my family, than any job I’ve had where completing an application and going through a series of interviews put me in a revolving door of nothing special and nothing I’d want my own children to get caught up in…limited of options.

So, as the world braces for quarantine for an indefinite period of time during the pandemic of COVID-19, I urge you to take the time to look into the opportunity to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You’ll have access to incredible leadership and all the tools you need to get started right…RIGHT NOW! If you want to seize the kind of nominal investment available in this business model at this moment, you can begin TODAY!

It’s quite clear that some things are out of our control, but the amount of money you earn and the way you choose to live your life ARE determined by your ability to think outside the box and have faith that there is something better for you.

~ R. Wirth