How Starting a Home-Based Business NOW and Having a Plan B Will Set You Up for Unprecedented Success in the Months to Come!

We are in the midst of precarious events unlike any I’ve experienced in my lifetime. I don’t mind the “self-quarantining” because I’m a child of the 80’s…a Gen X’er…and I know how to survive and make my own fun.

As youngsters, we had lemonade stands and went door-to-door selling anything we thought people might buy. My sister once dug a trove of unused, cardboard Valentine’s Day cards out of a dumpster and sold them to people AFTER Valentine’s Day had passed. She was in 1st Grade and had entrepreneurial skills before she could write in cursive.

We fashioned hammocks out of sheets and created the Swiss Family Robinson in our backyard Maple Tree. My sister and I foraged for sticks and logs, even utilizing pine needles, to build forts. We found random items in the garage and created something from nothing…and it worked! We made things that functioned. We were inventors, explorers and the creators of our own, little worlds. We were fearless, and our autonomy and adaptability empowered us to carry on into adulthood doing the same…building our worlds the way we want them to be, run by us – for us, and not at the mercy of a system that could “shutdown.”

That’s why it isn’t so surprising that we both are now creating our own incomes from home rather than working in Corporate America. While this pandemic and shutdown has certainly impacted the way we go about our daily lives…shopping for groceries, running errands and mingling with friends…it hasn’t prevented us from generating incomes to support our families. We’ve aligned ourselves with an industry that shines and thrives when other businesses struggle and fail.

Right now, we are poised to help more people than ever before. The networking industry coupled with technology and online resources is the avenue to achieve the American Dream. Except we don’t have any borders…we help people all over the world achieve their Personal Dreams!

While the Covid-19 virus has driven people indoors and shuttered entire industries, we are in our home offices…business as usual…because we can work from “virtually” anywhere in the world. We work from wherever we happen to be. I could be in an old-school, backyard fort and still working from my phone, generating an income, and simultaneously helping others build their businesses.

Here’s why the timing to launch your own home-based business NOW is so important: Getting started right, and getting started right now, positions you to see massive growth when the rest of the world gets back to work. Starting a “business in a box” with ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED…from a back office support team to marketing tools and weekly training with hundreds of people plugging in from all over the world…means you can begin to generate an income right away and continue building that momentum by helping others do the same. When you go back to Corporate America, you have created another stream of income! You’ve started a side-gig that you can maintain in the cracks of your day while you resume your routine. You’ve made the most of this downtime by creating something from “virtually” nothing! It’s your consistent-persistent effort that you are compounding into real results and real dollars and a real future that you’ve probably never even considered or thought possible. If you’re open-minded and you choose to invest a nominal amount in yourself, you can change your life!

We all know that on the other side of what feels bad (in the moment) is a good feeling waiting to be revealed. This time of unprecedented transformation is the time for you to transform your thinking and your beliefs about the way people live, work and play.

This too shall pass! It will fade and people will carry on…perhaps with more awareness and gratitude…and we will all be wiser for this experience, but what side of it will you be on if you decide RIGHT NOW to embrace being a home-based business owner?

How will you choose to use this time at home?

Will you binge TV shows and watch other people making their dreams come true?

Or will you begin to binge on making yourself better?

Will you begin to show your children and spouses that times like these don’t have to dictate uncertainty or struggle?

This time next year…during tax season…will you be enjoying the write-off’s of a home-based business? This is a BIG perk of being in business for yourself or starting a side-gig.

I urge you to learn more from the person who shared this with you. I mean, it’s not like you don’t have the time! Take a risk. Have an adventure. Journey to a place you’ve never known…without leaving home. It’s fun and it’s free to get information on having a Plan B!