Are you putting off more pleasurable pursuits in your everyday life for “someday” in the future? Are you working hard to attain that “thing” next year or maybe when your children graduate high school, maybe when you retire, maybe when you have enough energy or time or money to do more than just work for a living?

I used to work myself pretty hard. I worked hard to achieve what I thought was success in my life, including my own office, a luxury vehicle, a house in a desirable zip code, the right number on the scale, and I still always felt an overwhelming sense that something was missing.

In my previous job, I worked from sun-up to dark-thirty. The corporate world took advantage of my youth and unmarried status. While I enjoyed my job, I didn’t feel I was doing meaningful work. I also didn’t appreciate the fact that, regardless of how hard I worked and how much dedication I showed by sacrificing my personal life to late hours in the office, I didn’t have the “seniority” for a promotion that went to someone else.

I’m not a bad sport. I revel in the accomplishments of people I work with, but this time it was purely political and had no bearing on performance or attendance. This was a harsh realization for me, and it completely reframed the way I moved forward in my role at the company.

…and I tendered my resignation a short time later.

This decision sent me on a path toward a far brighter future than the limitations of a corporate 9-to-5 position, and it subsequently empowered me to live “someday”, today and everyday.

Knowing I’d recently left my position in the corporate world, a friend invited me to her “spa party.” Never one to shy away from a “spa”, I eagerly attended expecting to have fun, indulge in some well-deserved pampering and camaraderie. What I didn’t expect was to walk away questioning everything I knew to be true about “success” and earning an income.

My lovely friend managed to share some incredible, holistic, anti-aging products with me that not only changed the condition of my skin and health, but my lifestyle. It didn’t happen right away, but I wound up joining her company…as an independent brand partner…mentored by some of the industries most seasoned and highly successful leadership.

The timing of this couldn’t have been more perfect as I became a mother. I became the bread winning stay-at-home-mom which enabled my husband to leave his position in the corporate world…that kept him away from our growing family the majority of the time…so he could pursue his own passion of carpentry by establishing his own business.

I could go on and on about the benefits of this almost flippant choice to go into business for myself… in this business model…that has turned everything I ever knew to be true about making a living and a life, on its ear!

You are meant for doing more than going to work and paying bills. I am just an average everyday mom, but I answer to myself…not a timeclock or a boss. My little one is the biggest boss I have right now…if you know what I mean…but I manage my time and how it is spent. I earn an income that affords me the ability to raise my child instead of enrolling her in daycare. I get to see my husband during “traditional business hours” and cater my schedule around the needs of our family.

If you are looking at another year spent on the hamster wheel of monotony and corporate demands on your time, I implore you to think outside the box. There is always more than one way to accomplish most things, and I promise this ONE THING…this fantastic decision…has helped me achieve a balance between working and living.

Contact the person who shared this with you. They obviously have a high opinion of you and know you are someone with an open mind looking for opportunities to be more fulfilled. ~ Michelle